The quality and value of the services that you provide are important considerations. To acquire – and retain – customers and clients, you need to provide exceptional service to them. Here is a selection of great ways to do so:

  • Check that you know how quickly, well and completely your organisation is serving customers and clients.

  • Ensure that you have all points of access – including the Internet – open and available when customers need and want to use them.

  • If you have customer complaints, make sure that you find out what happened – and put it right regardless of the answer you discover.

  • Remind your staff that they’re expected to serve customers and clients – fully, pleasantly, positively, expertly and to the best of their ability.

  • Always deliver what you promise.

  • Never make promises that you can’t keep.

  • Remember: a satisfied customer tells nobody of his or her satisfaction; a dissatisfied customer tells everyone.

  • Always look for ways of improving your customer service.