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4 Ways to Review iMovie ’11 Video

After you import video into iMovie, you might want to review it before choosing how best to edit the video. You may also want to simply watch imported videos from beginning to end, in order to properly organize them in the Event Library.


Review an iMovie ’11 video from any starting point

Who says you have to start at the beginning to review video in iMovie? You can play back your video from any starting point in several ways:

  • Place the pointer where you want to begin watching and press the spacebar.

  • Double-click to start playing from a given spot.

  • Select part of clip and choose View→Play.

To stop playing a movie, press the spacebar or click anywhere in the iMovie window.


Watch an iMovie ’11 video from beginning to end

If you want to watch events from beginning to end, select any part of the clip and choose View→Play from Beginning or press the backslash (\) key on the keyboard. You can also click the Play from Beginning button if you want.


Watch an iMovie ’11 video full screen

To admire your video full-screen, choose the part of the video you want to watch and click the Play Full Screen button just below Event Library. Press Escape to leave full-screen mode.


Skim through an iMovie ’11 video

Skimming is one of the coolest and most useful innovations in iMovie. By mousing over the dynamic filmstrips representing your footage, you can skim through your entire video in a blink − faster than real-time anyway.

Images move in both the filmstrips and the larger iMovie viewer. Click the arrows on the keyboard if you’d rather advance or retreat frame by frame. You’ll hear sound, too, as you skim through your video; the audio plays backward or forward, depending on which direction you skim.

You can mute the sound while skimming by clicking the Skimming Silencer button on the toolbar. Click the button again to bring back the audio. You can deselect Audio Skimming also on the View menu. Turning off Audio Skimming does not affect the sound during normal playback.

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