Reading on the iPad might be one of the most popular activities for iPad users, especially when it comes to catching up on the news. Of course iPad includes Newsstand, a gathering place for publications and subscriptions, but you might want to explore a news aggregator or want to get a particular publication app for its unique features.

This article shows you some of the best news apps for the iPad. Some apps — known as hybrid apps — were written to run as native apps on both the iPad and iPhone (or iPod touch). Hybrid apps have the advantage of allowing you to buy once and use on whatever iOS device you have.

Newsy for iPad


TechCrunch called Newsy for iPad (by Media Convergence Group, Inc.) a “must download” app. If you like to be updated on world events in small video snippets, choose from categories such as World, U.S., Politics, Business, Entertainment, and Technology to download the video stories that interest you to watch offline. You can download in either standard quality or HD, read a transcript of each video, look up the source of the story, comment on it, or share it. You can also create playlists of stories and watch them online.

Newsy requires that you have iOS 4.3 or later with AirPlay.

LIFE for iPad


LIFE Magazine has always cornered the market on outstanding photos of world events, places, and people. Download the LIFE for iPad app (by Time Inc.) to put LIFE’s amazing photo collection at your fingertips. A cool feature figures out where you are and presents relevant photos to you. Follow the You May Also Like link to see other photos that are likely to engage you, and definitely use the Skip This Ad button to breeze past the sales pitches. Use the Email, Facebook, and Twitter buttons to spread the word about your favorite photos. Whether you’re interested in current events or historical events, this huge collection has it all.

Watch ESPN

Free — Hybrid

The Watch ESPN app (by ESPN, Inc.) lets you get live video streaming of all manner of sports from the several ESPN channels. From regular season games to those playoffs that support the entire hot wing and pizza industries, you can watch football, tennis, soccer — you name it. You’ll also find sports news programs and all the usual commentary made up of personal opinion and insightful hindsight.

Reuters NewsPro for iPad


Reuters is one of the oldest providers of news from around the world, and the Reuters NewsPro for iPad app continues its tradition of news for businesspeople and professionals. If you take your news seriously, you’ll enjoy the well-written articles on everything from news events to entertainment and the stock market. You can even load your content offline to read when you can’t get a connection.