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3 Ways to Chart Your Work Breakdown Structure

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The bubble-chart format

The bubble-chart format is particularly effective for displaying the results of the brainstorming approach to develop your WBS for both small and large projects. You interpret the bubble-chart format as follows:

The bubble in the center represents your entire project (in this case, Report).

Lines from the center bubble lead to Level 2 breakouts (in this case, Draft report, Reviews of draft, and Final report).

Lines from each Level 2 component lead to Level 3 components related to the Level 2 component. (In this case, the Level 2 component Final report consists of the two Level 3 components Typed final report and Printed final report.)

The freeform nature of the bubble-chart format allows you to easily record thoughts generated during a brainstorming session. You can also easily rearrange components as you proceed with your analysis.

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