Medicinal plants aren’t limited to human use. Medicinal plants can benefit your chickens too. The following three plants are natural de-wormers for your free-ranging chickens:


Garlic can be a preventive for worms and is considered an organic de-wormer for chickens.

Garlic, allium sativum, is a perennial that grows from bulbs. Place crushed garlic pieces in your chickens’ waterer for a week’s time. Also acts as an insect repellent.

Don’t feed garlic directly to your hens, because their eggs will take on a garlic flavor. Remember to put a few cloves of crushed garlic in their water for worming, using moderation.


Nasturtium is a very common old-fashioned garden plant that has many redeeming qualities.

Nasturtium, nasturtium majus, comes in both annuals and perennials. Zones vary by species.

Bright, sunny, slightly spicy edible flowers are perfect to add to salads and for your chickens to eat. This is a great herb for chickens, combining antiseptic, antibiotic, and insect repellent qualities. Its seeds also have a natural de-worming attribute for chickens.


Nettle often gets a bad rap because of its stinging properties when handled, but is a great dynamic accumulator, a natural chicken laying stimulant, and a good preventive for worms.

Nettle, urtica species, can be harvested and dried, or boiled in water and steeped like a tea. Let mixture cool entirely and add to your chickens’ laying mash.