These handy little keystroke combinations are shortcuts that you can utilize for quick access to items you use on a frequent basis. Use these Windows keystroke shortcuts to handle common activities, such as cutting and pasting text, quickly and easily.

Key or Keystroke Combination Effect
Ctrl+X Cuts the selected text or object
Ctrl+C Copies the selected text or object
Ctrl+V Pastes copied or cut text or object
F1 Displays help
F2 Opens the selected item (folder or file) for renaming
Ctrl+Z Undoes the previous action
Alt+Tab Displays a list of currently open applications
Prt Scr Prints a copy of current screen to the Windows Clipboard
Windows Key Displays the Start Key menu
F3 Displays a search window
Win+C Displays Charms bar and information panel
Win+I Displays Settings charm panel
Win+L Displays Windows 8 lockscreen
Win Toggles between Start screen and Desktop