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Try roasted garlic spread.

Garlic roasted in the oven for 30 minutes, or zapped in a terra cotta roaster for only about two minutes in the microwave, loses much of its strong, pungent bite, and takes on a mild, buttery sweetness. And, roasted garlic can be smashed into a rich paste, and used on anything where you would otherwise get your buttery sweetness from butter or margarine — bread, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, or wherever.

One tablespoon of roasted garlic is only 12 calories, with no fat, saturated fat, or sodium. Compared to a tablespoon of margarine, roasted garlic saves you 58 calories, 8 grams of total fat, and 100 milligrams of sodium. And, eating garlic does have some beneficial effects on heart health, specifically lowering blood pressure and helping to prevent atherosclerosis.

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