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Blend compost with a pitchfork and put a small rake to use.

Having small tools on hand to help blend compost and rake up debris is a good idea. A pitchfork is a great tool for blending and turning over your compost pile. A pitchfork is similar to a garden shovel, except that it has a base of five separated sharp prongs that can dig in and grab dense material.

Your pitchfork is key to aerating a compost pile. Keep it handy near your composting area, because the more you use it, the faster your compost pile will break down. Store it in a nearby shed, and keep it out of the weather.

A small rake with a head size base of nine inches is handy for cleaning around the chicken coop and outside pen. It functions like a normal sized rake, but can get into small spaces and tight corners. These rakes are small, but if you find the rake handle is too tall and cumbersome, cut the handle down to your desired height, and sand down the cut edge.

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