Yes, the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab make fine tools for handling the hectic schedule of a digital life. You can send e-mail, engage in social networking, snap photos, take notes, browse the web, read books, view movies — and more — and then, of course, you can play games.

Even if your Galactic tablet were only a game machine, it would consume vast quantities of your time because of the vast number of games available. Listing only ten addictive games is a challenge. These games are available at the Google Play Store. Most are free. For the paid versions, a Lite edition of the game is free. Use it to whet your appetite and try, try if you can, to avoid the temptation to fork over the big 99 cents for the full version.

Even more games are available at the Play Store. Search in the Games category, which is one of the top-level categories (obviously). Check out not only the top free games but also the trending games as well as the top-grossing games. Use that information when a 14-year-old isn't handy to clue you in to what all the kids are playing.

  • Angry Birds: Angry Birds is perhaps the premiere break-out tablet game, the one just about everyone knows. If you haven't yet heard of this app, get it at once! Angry Birds is easy to play, clever, and full of humor. Several renditions of the game exist, although the basic Angry Birds app is an excellent way to start.

  • Candy Crush Saga: Apparently, the magic of Candy Crush Saga is lost on me, but everyone else I know who plays it can't get enough. I've even seen my son break away from a PC shoot-em-up online game to play a few rounds of Candy Crush Saga. The premise is simple, and the game is easy to learn, but it grows in complexity, somehow seeping into your brain’s lack-of-self-control center.

  • Cut the Rope: Like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope is an excellent game to learn, full of frustration and rewards mixed with a dash of humor. The strategy level for Cut the Rope is high, so it can be frustrating at times. Even so, there's always a solution — after you find it, you feel compelled to reward your genius. That aspect of the game keeps it addictive.

  • Doodle Jump: Doodle Jump is another oldie, one that predates even Angry Birds. Like all good addictive games, Doodle Jump is easy to figure out and challenging at the same time. It also features a few variations, which are all contained in the same app. Doodle Jump makes excellent use of the tablet's accelerometer by keeping your hands moving while you play and, therefore, making you a source of entertainment for those who are watching you play.

  • Fruit Ninja: The premise for Fruit Ninja is remarkably simple. Use your sophisticated tablet touchscreen techniques to slice up flying fruit. The simplicity, however, is deceptive. I seriously don't know how this concept was sold because the explanation of how the game works makes it sound boring. In actual play, you'll find yourself spending way too much time with this game.

  • Jet Car Stunts: Racing games are a huge category for computer games, as well as tablet games. They present an interesting challenge: how to steer a car. Jet Car Stunts takes that challenge up a notch by requiring that you not only to steer through the course but also jump over and fly through obstacles. Assisting you on your journey is a jet engine on the car's trunk. Fortunately, you're racing only against the clock.

  • Plants vs. Zombies: This game as silly as it sounds. Well, okay, it is: Zombies and plants are not known to be mortal enemies. In fact, the game is more cute than scary, but don't let that deter you. The true mission is planning a defensive strategy using available tools. The tools are the plants. The defense is against an ever-marching (and ever-munching) hoard of zombies. Proper strategy wins the game every time.

  • Traffic Jam: You're probably familiar with Traffic Jam, even outside the digital realm: The screen shows a grid of cars, most likely loitering in the long-term parking of an airport. The goal is to move the cars — only up-down or left-right — and successfully unblock your own vehicle. The solution is always at hand, but can you manage it in only the minimum, or "par," suggested value? As a bonus, you'll find hundreds of levels. Traffic Jam should keep you busy for hours, if not days.

  • Words with Friends: The biggest problem with crossword-puzzle-like games — you know, with the letters on tiles that have number values in their corners — is that you need to get together with some friends to play. Thanks to the Internet, that convergence is no longer a necessity. With the Words with Friends app, you can play a brutal game of lexicological pugilism and not only be miles apart but also wait great amounts of time before you reply. It's a combination of etymology and social networking.

  • X-Plane: One of the most classic computer games is the flight simulator. Of the variety available at the Google Play Store, X-Plane is one of the simplest to learn as well as the most diverse. The controls are fairly easy to figure out, which means you'll be landing in no time. (It's always easy to take off using a flight simulator; landing is the issue.) You can make landing more difficult by adding turbulence or cross winds or even by damaging your plane. You can also add upgrades — if you're willing to pay for them.