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How to Set the Time and Date on Your iPod Nano

If you need to change the time zone, time, or date, you can do that yourself at any time (sorry for the pun). You can even set how the time appears in the status bar at the top of the screen. [more…]

How to Set the Time and Date on Your iPod Classic

Your iPod may already be set to the correct time, date, and time zone, depending on where you bought it (except, of course, the iPod shuffle, which doesn’t offer these features). If not, you can set them [more…]

How to Determine the Time in Another Time Zone Using Your iPod

With the Clock app on an iPod touch the Clock icon on an iPod nano, or the Clocks option in the Extras menu of an iPod classic, you can display clocks with different time zones, which is useful for traveling [more…]

How to Set Multiple Alarms on Your iPod Touch

Time is on your side with your iPod. On an iPod touch, you can set multiple alarms to go off on different days and set a variety of tones and sounds for your alarms that play through its speaker. On an [more…]

How to Set Up Mail Accounts on Your iPod Touch

To set up a Mail account on your iPod touch — including an iCloud e-mail account (with contacts, calendars, and bookmarks) or a Microsoft Exchange account — follow these steps: [more…]

How to Use the Stopwatch on Your iPod

You can use a stopwatch with a lap timer for timing exercises, jogging, racing laps, seeing how long it takes the bus to travel across town, or finding out how long your friend takes to recognize the song [more…]

How to Use FaceTime on Your iPod Touch

Making and receiving video calls with Apple’s truly innovative FaceTime technology is truly simple. No matter how you communicate, it helps sometimes to have a little face time. Apple has engineered a [more…]

How to Stay Fit by Working Out with Your iPod Nano

The Fitness icon on the iPod nano works in the background, so that you can continue to play music or watch videos while walking, running, or working out. [more…]

How to Set the Passcode on Your iPod Touch

You can set a passcode for the iPod touch or iPod classic to lock it and thereby prevent others from navigating through your content (not available for the iPod nano or iPod shuffle). Setting a passcode [more…]

How to Brighten and Wallpaper Your iPod Touch

To adjust the brightness of the display for an iPod classic, choose Settings→Brightness. The Brightness screen appears with a slider that shows the brightness setting, which ranges from low [more…]

How to Use Location Services on iPod Touch

Perhaps nothing is more personal than your physical location. With Location Services on your iPod touch, apps like Maps (and lots of third-party apps like Google Earth, SkyOrb, Eventful, Foursquare, and [more…]

How to Set Restrictions on an iPod Touch

Are you lending your iPod touch to a youngster (or an adult who acts like one)? If so, you may want to set restrictions that [more…]

How to Get Online with an iPod Touch

Going online means connecting your iPod touch to the Internet using a Wi-Fi network. To surf the web, check e-mail, use the iTunes Store or App Store (or any other app that uses the Internet), or use Location [more…]

How to Change Events on Your iPod Calendar

Change happens, and you’ll want to change your iPod schedule or even add new events as you learn about them. You can enter events on your computer and sync them with your iPod classic or iPod touch. You [more…]

How to Change Sound Effects and Ringtones on Your iPod

The click wheel of an iPod classic makes a clicking sound you can hear through its tiny speaker. You can turn it off by choosing Settings from the main menu and selecting Clicker once so that Off appears [more…]

How to Browse Content in Your iTunes Library

To browse content other than music on your iPod touch, choose a source from the source list menu, which offers these choices in its Library section: [more…]

How to Change Import Preferences and Settings in iTunes

To get music you already own onto your iPod, you can import it from a CD. After clicking the Import CD icon in iTunes, the Import Settings dialog appears, offering the following choices: [more…]

How to Edit CD Info and Join Tracks in iTunes

Some CDs are meant to be played straight through, with no fading between the songs. Fortunately, you can join tracks of a CD in iTunes so that the tracks play seamlessly one to the next. You can also edit [more…]

Introduction to the iTunes Multimedia Mall

The iTunes Store home page is loaded with specials and ads to peruse. To look at music in more depth, click the Music tab. You can also pick a music genre by clicking the down-arrow button that appears [more…]

How to Set and Change Notificatons on Your iPod Touch

Notifications can automatically appear on an iPod touch from apps with new information, such as Facebook friend requests, even when the app isn’t running. [more…]

How to Use VoiceOver to Sync Your iPod

The sync options are the same or similar for each iPod model, but some models offer additional options. For example, the iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod shuffle offer an extra sync option called Enable [more…]

How to Sync Select Items with Your iPod

You can include just the items that are defined in playlists, including Genius playlists, and/or just specific artists on your iPod. Syncing by playlists, artists, and genres is a great way to sync vast [more…]

How to Sync Select Podcast Episodes and Books with Your iPod

You can get picky about which podcast episodes — and even which parts of audio books — should be copied to your iPod during synchronization. When syncing an iPod touch that already has Apple’s iBooks app [more…]

How to Sync and Arrange Apps for an iPod Touch

Your iPod touch is set by default to sync all the apps in your iTunes library that can run on an iPod touch (including just about all iPhone apps). iTunes automatically skips any app that doesn’t belong [more…]

How to Manage Your iPod Library Manually

If your entire library is too big for your iPod, you may want to copy individual items manually. By setting your iPod to manually manage music and videos, you can add content to the device directly via [more…]

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