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Delete Pictures from Your iPad

Not all photographs are meant to be seen. Some you can't get rid of them fast enough. Fortunately, the iPad makes it a cinch to bury the evidence: [more…]

Advantages of E-Books on the iPad

The iPad functions as an e-reader for e-books. Nothing is wrong with physical books — except maybe that paper, over the long term, is fragile, and they tend to be bulky, a potential impediment for travelers [more…]

How to Get Started with iBooks for iPad

To start reading electronic books (e-books, or iBooks) on your iPad, you have to fetch the iBooks app in the App Store. As you might imagine, the app is free, and it comes with access to Apple’s iBookstore [more…]

Reading an iBook on Your iPad

To start reading a book, tap it. The book leaps off the shelf, and at the same time, it opens to either the beginning of the book or the place where you left off. [more…]

How to Turn iBook Pages on Your iPad

You’ve been turning pages in books your entire life, and you’re now reading electronically on the iPad. Fear not, you have no buttons to press to turn pages of an iBook. [more…]

iPad: Jump to a Specific Page of an iBook

When you’re reading a iBook (e-book) on your iPad, you often want to go to a specific page of the book or to the table of contents. Here’s how: [more…]

iPad: Add Highlights and Notes to an iBook

On your iPad you may want to highlight specific words or passages within a page of an iBook. And sometimes you want to add your own annotations or comments as well, which is handy for school assignments [more…]

How to Buy an iBook for Your iPad

The experience of browsing Apple’s iBookstore is certainly pleasurable when you're using your iPad. Apple makes it a cinch to search for iBooks you want to read, and even lets you peruse a sample prior [more…]

How to Find More Book Information in Apple's iBookstore

To find out more about a book that you come across in the iBookstore, you can check out the detail page and other readers’ reviews, or read a sample of the book. Follow these steps to navigate the detail [more…]

iPad: How to Manage App Notifications

Through Apple’s Push Notification service, app developers can send you alerts related to programs you’ve installed on your iPad. Such alerts are typically in text form but may include sounds as well. [more…]

Shazam: Song Tagging App for the iPad

Shazam is a song tagging app for the iPad. Just launch Shazam and point your iPad’s microphone at the source of the music. In a few seconds, the song title and artist’s name magically appear on your iPad [more…]

TV and Movie Apps for the iPad

You can choose from plenty of TV and movie apps for your iPad, but not all are killer apps. A killer app refers to an application so sweet or so useful that just about everybody wants or must have it. [more…]

Pandora Radio for the iPad

Fans of Pandora on other computers and mobile devices will be practically delirious that this custom Internet radio service is available gratis on the iPad. Moreover, the addition of multitasking means [more…]

How to Find Videos to Watch on Your iPad

You have a few main ways to find and watch videos on your iPad. You can fetch all sorts of fare from the iTunes Store, whose virtual doors you can open directly from the iPad. Or, you can sync content [more…]

Options for Syncing Your iPad with iTunes

Synchronizing your iPad with iTunes on a Mac or PC provides numerous options that you won’t find anywhere on your iPad. These are all optional settings that you can access from the iTunes Summary pane. [more…]

Synchronize Movies and TV Shows from Computer to iPad

If you’ve downloaded movies or TV shows to your Mac or PC, you can download them to your iPad by syncing. If you chose to let iTunes manage synchronizing your data automatically, you can still manage your [more…]

Synchronize iPad Music and Videos with Computer

If you chose to let iTunes manage synchronizing your iPad data automatically, you can still manage certain options when downloading music and videos from your Mac or PC to your iPad. Make sure that your [more…]

How to Play Video on the iPad

With its gorgeous, nearly-10-inch, high-definition display — one of the best on a handheld device — watching movies and other videos on the iPad can be a cinematic delight. The screen looks terrific even [more…]

Shoot Your Own Videos with Your iPad

The iPad 2 was the first iPad with a camera — two cameras to be more precise. The rear camera can record video up to the high-definition techie standard of 720p and at 30 frames per second [more…]

Edit Movies on Your iPad

Editing movies on your iPad is simple. Assuming that you captured some really great video footage from your iPad's camera, you probably shot some stuff that belongs on the cutting room floor as well. No [more…]

How to Shoot Pictures with Your iPad 2

To start shooting pictures on the iPad 2 or third-generation iPad, tap the Camera icon on the Home screen. The screen resembles a closed camera shutter. When that shutter opens an instant later, you’re [more…]

How to Find Your Pictures on Your iPad

So where exactly do your pictures hang out on the iPad? Well, what happens to images saved from e-mails and the Internet is they reside in a Saved Photos album on the original iPad or the Camera Roll on [more…]

View Pictures from Your iPad

Two cool ways to view pictures from your iPad are using the AirPlay feature for viewing photos on TV, or using your iPad as a digital picture frame. The AirPlay feature that lets you stream music and videos [more…]

Enter the iPad Photo Booth

In the Photo Booth app included on the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad, Apple has cooked up a modern alternative to a real photo booth. Photo booths (which do still exist) are fun places to ham it up [more…]

How to Add iBook Bookmarks on the iPad

Occasionally, you want to bookmark a specific page of your e-book or iBook on your iPad so that you can easily return. Moving around to a particular location in an e-book or an iBook on the iPad is almost [more…]


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