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Use the Daily Stocks App to Check the Markets from Your iPad

The Daily Stocks app for iPad can provide you with technical scans of the market and is designed to highlight trends in the marketplace based on some highly technical analytical techniques. This kind of [more…]

Post to Facebook Using Emoticons with the Emoti HD App for iPad

Emoti HD is an app that allows you to post great-looking emoticons in your Facebook posts, images that can be informative for those reading your posts, but images that can also simply draw more attention [more…]

Manage and Watch Movies with the Netflix App for iPad

You can watch TV shows and movies on your Mac or PC, and with the Netflix app on your iPad, you can even watch them on your iOS device, so long as you have an Internet connection. If you have a Netflix [more…]

Use Your iPad for Guitar and Bass Tablature with the TabToolkit App

The Internet has a ton of guitar and bass tablature that makes it a lot easier to learn a new song. TabToolkit for iPad makes that process even easier, especially if you need to learn a song on the go. [more…]

Listen to Music on Your iPad with the Pandora Radio App

The Pandora Radio app brings the Pandora streaming radio service from your browser to your iPad. There are a lot of streaming radio stations on the Internet, but Pandora came up with an approach of offering [more…]

How to Download Games to Your iPad

iPad outstrips iPhone as the ultimate portable gaming machine because of its beautiful screen and unique features. Once you have registered for your Game Center account, you can start downloading games [more…]

Playing Games with Friends in Your iPad Game Center

Your iPad 2 comes with the Game Center app installed so you can use your iPad to play games with friends. After you have added a friend and both of you have downloaded the same game, you're ready to play [more…]

Games to Try on Your iPad

Your iPad is perfect for gaming. So, of course, all sorts of games and gaming accessories are available for your iPad. Some games are ported over from iPhone and some are custom-made for iPad. You can [more…]

Using PrintCentral and WePrint to Print from Your iPad

If you want to print from your iPad, there are several third-party apps to choose from. For example PrintCentral has a file browser and e-mail reader that allows you to access anything on your iPad, and [more…]

Social Media Apps for Your iPad

Your iPad can be a great tool for dipping into the world of social media. Third-party vendors offer great iPad apps for using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, instant messaging, and more. Here are seven great [more…]

How to Format a Table in the iPad 2 Numbers App

You can add a little style and class — or at least a little color — to the tables you create in the Numbers App for iPad 2. Formatting your Numbers tables is a fairly simple process: [more…]

The iPad 2 as a Gaming Platform

The iPhone is a fun gaming device, but the screen is too small. Your computer is a good gaming device, but it lacks some of the tactile input of a touchscreen. iPad 2 may be just right as the ultimate [more…]

How to Load Photos onto Your iPad 2

Loading photos onto your iPad 2 from a digital camera, your iPhone, or from the web is easy enough if you buy the iPad Camera Connection Kit from Apple. The kit contains two adapters: a USB Camera Connector [more…]

Creating Art on Your iPad 2 with the ArtRage App

ArtRage, by Ambient Design Ltd., is an app you can buy and use on your iPad 2. It lets you use your fingers to manipulate various artist's tools, photos, and backgrounds to create digital works of art. [more…]

Make iPad Music with the GarageBand App

GarageBand is a music composition and playing app that has been pre-installed on Mac computers for a while, and now it's available for iPad. You have to buy the app for about [more…]

How to Take Photos with Your iPad 2

The iPad 2 comes with two cameras that allow you to capture video and photos. And because one camera is front-facing and the other is rear-facing, you can switch between them to capture images of yourself [more…]

How to Print Photos from Your iPad 2

If you have a wireless printer that's compatible with Apple AirPrint technology, you can print photos from your iPad 2. As of this writing, only a handful of HP printers have this capability, but you can [more…]

Add Photo Effects with Photo Booth on Your iPad 2

iPad 2 comes with Photo Booth — a new photo manipulation application — installed. Photo Booth goes hand in hand with the still camera built into the iPad 2 hardware. The app allows you to choose interesting [more…]

How to Capture Video with Your iPad 2

In iPad 2, two video cameras that can capture video from either the front or back of the device make it possible for you to take videos that you can then edit and share with others. To record a video, [more…]

Basic Video Editing on Your iPad 2 with the iMovie App

The iMovie app has been supplied with Mac computers for several years, and now a version is available for the iPad. After you capture a video with your iPad 2, you can use iMovie to edit it. This article [more…]

Making and Receiving FaceTime Calls on Your iPad 2

FaceTime is an excellent video calling app that's been available on the iPhone 4 and has now come to iPad 2. The app lets you call people who have FaceTime on their iPhone 4, iPad 2, or Mac [more…]

Accessing the iTunes Games Center App on iPad 2

The Game Center app comes preinstalled with iPad (iOS 4.2 and later). If you're into gaming, you'll enjoy the features it offers that allow you to invite friends to play games, buy games, and keep track [more…]

How to Add Friends to Your iPad Game Center Account

Think of the iTunes Game Center available on your iPad as a kind of social networking site for gamers. You can add friends and play games with them and compare your scores. If you want to play Game Center [more…]

How to Search Contacts on Your iPad

You can use a search feature to find contacts in the Contacts app on your iPad, using a person's first or last name or a company name. This one is pretty much like every search feature you've ever used [more…]

How to Assign a Photo to a Contact on Your iPad

With the Contacts application on your iPad, you can add a person's photo to his contact record. You add photos from the Photos app albums, which you have saved from a Web site, uploaded from a digital [more…]


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