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How to Print from Your iPad

If you need to print from your iPad, you can use the iPad's built-in wireless printing capability or a third-party app, which is likely to give you a few more printing controls. [more…]

How to Add Alerts to Your iPad Calendar

Events in your life might range from business meetings to karaoke dates, but whatever the nature of your appointments, the Calendar app on your iPad can help you keep them all straight. You can enter single [more…]

Managing the Calendar on Your iPad

When you have some events entered in Calendar app for iPad, you can use managing features to search for events, sync your events with other calendars on other devices, or delete events that have been cancelled [more…]

How to Add Calendar Events to Your iPad

In addition to allowing you to enter events and view them by the day, week, or month, you can set up the Calendar app on your iPad to keep track of repeating events, such as your weekly staff meeting, [more…]

Viewing the Calendar on Your iPad

The Calendar application on iPad offers several ways to view your schedule, so the first step in mastering it is to learn how to navigate those various views. You get started by tapping the Calendar app [more…]

How to Share and Sync Calendars with Your iPad

Given that you probably have calendars on your computer and mobile phone, you'll be happy to hear that you can subscribe to and share calendars using your email account and sync your iPad calendar with [more…]

How to Manage Contacts with Your iPad

The Contacts app on iPad isn't just a static database of names and addresses. After you've got contact information in the app, you can use it to reach out to people in several useful ways. You can use [more…]

Find Nearby Points of Interest with the Wikihood Plus iPad App

Wikihood Plus for iPad is an app that taps into that vast reservoir of (mostly accurate) information known as Wikipedia. Using either your current location or a location you pick, Wikihood Plus tells you [more…]

Find and Rate Restaurants with the Urbanspoon iPad App

The basic premise of the Urbanspoon app for iPad is to let you find restaurants by randomly choosing from various cuisines, price points, and neighborhoods on three slot machine reels. Shake your iPad [more…]

Find Restaurants with the ZAGAT TO GO iPad App

The ZAGAT TO GO app for iPad offers restaurant reviews compiled by professional editors based on customer surveys, and in an age where budget-constrained newspapers are cutting back on local coverage like [more…]

Explore Space with the NASA App for iPad

NASA App HD for iPad is a great resource to learn a lot about the solar system. The gorgeous home screen for the app features the solar system, including the Sun, Moon, the International Space Station, [more…]

Add Guitar Effects with the AmpliTube App for iPad

AmpliTube for iPad is an amplifier and effects modeling package that turns your iPad into a mobile guitar rig. Plug your guitar into your iPad, launch AmpliTube, pick an amp, lay down some effects pedals [more…]

Explore Space with the Star Walk App for iPad

A purely astronomy-oriented app, Star Walk brings the heavens straight down to your iPad. It has several features, but when you first open it, you'll be asked for your current location. Once you've given [more…]

Search Science Terms with the Science Glossary App for iPad

Science Glossary is a standalone app for iPad filled with definitions of science terms and biographies of important scientists and historical figures from the world of science. It also ties into the company's [more…]

Visit a Virtual Art Museum with the Art Authority App for iPad

What you get with the Art Authority app is pictures of art from more than a thousand artists on your iPad. All told, there are pictures of more than 40,000 paintings and sculptures, making for 10GB worth [more…]

Teach Children to Read with the abc PocketPhonics App for iPad

The abc PocketPhonics app for iPad is based on a teaching method called synthetic phonics, which teaches children to associate letters with sounds and then learn how to combine those sounds [more…]

Read RSS Feeds with the Pulse News Reader App for iPad

The Pulse News Reader app for iPad is an RSS news reader, but rather than presenting feeds as straightforward lists, Pulse presents them as graphically rich blocks that look almost like a filmstrip. If [more…]

Manage Your RSS Feeds with the Instapaper App for iPad

The Instapaper app for iPad allows you to tag articles, Web sites, Flickr pics, and just about everything else on the Web for viewing later when you have a moment to spare. You can even view your tagged [more…]

Get the News with the NPR App for iPad

NPR (National Public Radio) for iPad offers you access to just about everything NPR produces, including written stories, radio news stories, and a broad selection of the entertainment and informational [more…]

Get the News with the BBC News App for iPad

The BBC News app for iPad brings international news to you, including written news reports and BBC radio. Some articles even have video additions that include background interviews for added color, broadcast [more…]

Monitor Conditions with the Weather Channel Max iPad App

Weather Channel Max for iPad has forecasts, weather maps, warnings, and even some of the TV station's video reports. When you first launch it, it asks if it can use your current location. If you tap OK [more…]

Monitor Stocks from Your iPad with the StockWatch App

StockWatch for iPad is an app for people who want to monitor one or more stock portfolios and follow news pertaining to those stocks or the broader markets. It can be particularly handy for those with [more…]

Get Financial News with the Bloomberg App for iPad

The Bloomberg app for iPad offers instant access to news coverage, and it provides stock and index data like you'd expect. It also provides currency, commodities, and bond data. For some icing on this [more…]

Manage Your Budget with the SplashMoney App for iPad

SplashMoney HD is a money-management app for the iPad that lets you monitor online bank accounts and credit cards, create budgets, and track your actual spending. You can sync data between the iPad app [more…]

Calculate Loans on Your iPad with the PowerOne Financial Calculator App

The PowerOne Financial Calculator does super-complex finance-related calculations for you, like mortgages and auto loans, on your iPad, but with the included templates, you don't have to really know what [more…]


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