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How to Load Photos onto Your iPad

There are a few different ways to get photos from their source to your iPad. You can buy an accessory to import them from your camera or iPhone, save a photo you find on the Web or receive as an e-mail [more…]

How to View and Delete Photos on Your iPad

Pictures were made to be looked at, so knowing how to view the albums and individual photos you manage to get into your iPad is a way to tap into the key strength of the Photos app. [more…]

How to Present a Photo Slideshow on Your iPad

Part of the fun of taking photos is sharing those images with others. The iPad's Photos app allows you to create a slideshow to show off your pictures. You can even add background music and fancy transitions [more…]

How to Find and Buy eBooks for Your iPad

Before you can read books or other publications on your iPad, you have to get them to your iPad. This involves downloading eReader software and then using it to buy eBooks, eZines, and other publications [more…]

How to Navigate an eBook on Your iPad

Reading an eBook isn't much harder than reading a paperback. Here are the simple steps involved in making your way around an eBook using iBooks eReader: [more…]

How to Navigate the Keynote Screen on Your iPad

When you open (or create) a Keynote document on your iPad, the basic Keynote screen appears. The name of the document is centered in the toolbar at the top. At the left, a My Presentations button functions [more…]

How to Animate Transitions in the Keynote App for iPad

In the Keynote app for iPad, you can control the transitions between slides — that is, how the presentation moves from one slide to the next. Transitions add some flair to your Keynote presentation, making [more…]

Tips for Giving Presentations with Keynote for iPad

Keynote is the presentation component of iWork for iPad. With Keynote for iPad, small group or one-on-one presentations using iPad are made possible in a new way because you can easily present short but [more…]

How to Insert Tables into Any iWork Document on Your iPad

If you want a clean and organized set of data, the tables that you can insert in any iWork for iPad app do the trick. The steps in this section work in any of the apps, including Numbers. Here's how to [more…]

Entering Numeric Data in the Numbers App for iPad

If you want to add or edit data in a cell in iWork's Numbers for iPad, double-tap the cell. A blue outline appears around the cell, and the keyboard appears so that you can enter data. [more…]

How to Move iWork Files between Your iPad and Computer

If you need to move documents between your Mac or PC and your iPad, the iPad needs to be physically (not wirelessly) connected to the computer, so make sure you have your connection cable handy. [more…]

Navigating a Pages Document on an iPad

Pages is the primary word processing tool in the iWork suite of iPad apps. Pages gives you powerful tools for creating complex documents on your iPad. Pages also gives you some tools that can come in very [more…]

How to Format Documents in the Pages App for iPad

Pages for iPad gives you powerful tools for creating, editing, and formatting documents that may be complex or lengthy. Pages also gives you some tools that can come in very handy for specific tasks that [more…]

How to Work with Tabs in the Numbers App for iPad

Tables and charts are built into Keynote and Pages, but Numbers is the main number crunching tool in iWork for iPad. In Numbers, each tab displays a sheet, which can have one or more tables and/or charts [more…]

How to Work with Tables in the Numbers App for iPad

Tables are at the heart of Numbers for iPad — they're where your data is entered. In order to work on a table, you need to select it. To select a table in Numbers, tap it. If it's not visible in the current [more…]

How to Adjust Columns and Rows in the Numbers App for iPad

If you've ever used a spreadsheet program, you know that columns and rows don't always fit the data within them. In Numbers for iPad, you can select the columns or rows that you want to work on and then [more…]

Data Entry Basics for the Numbers App for iPad

You tap or double-tap a cell to work with it in iWork's Numbers for iPad. If you want to add or edit data, double-tap the cell. A blue outline appears around the cell, and the keyboard appears so that [more…]

Using Checkboxes in the Numbers App for iPad

In a spreadsheet program like iWork's Numbers for iPad, a checkbox can indicate, for example, that an item is in stock or out of stock (yes/no or true/false). However, you can also use it to represent [more…]

How to Enter Formulas in the Numbers App for iPad

Tapping the = button in iWork's Numbers for iPad app lets you enter a formula, which automatically computes values based on the data you type in. The result of the formula can be displayed in a cell in [more…]

How to Create a Form in the Numbers App for iPad

A form is a user-friendly way of providing input to a single row of a spreadsheet in Numbers for iPad. Spreadsheets can be intimidating, but a simple form, like what you might see on a clipboard at your [more…]

How to Format a Table in the Numbers App for iPad

You can add a little style and class — or at least a little color — to the tables you create in the Numbers App for iPad. Formatting your Numbers tables is a fairly simple process, outlined here: [more…]

How to Make an Effective Presentation with the Keynote App for iPad

Presentations get a bad reputation, and presentations built on the Keynote app for iPad are no different. But all presentations are not doomed to banality. If you keep the following issues in mind, you [more…]

Track Flights with the FlightTrack Pro iPad App

With the FlightTrack Pro app for iPad, you can track flights all over the world on a map, and you can do it in real time, too. In addition, it has integrated support for TripIt, which makes tracking those [more…]

How to Add Shapes to an iWork Document on Your iPad

In the iWork for iPad apps, adding a shape is actually one of the simplest tasks of all. All three apps share a basic interface and common functionality features, and one of the common features is the [more…]

How to Format Shapes in an iWork Document on Your iPad

You can add all sorts of shapes to your iWork document on your iPad, and then you can layer them, rotate them, and, in the Pages app, wrap text around them or have them flow with the text. [more…]


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