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How to Set Up E-Mail Automatically on Your NOOK Tablet

Before you try to use the e-mail app on your NOOK Tablet, you have to set up an e-mail account with a provider (like Google for Gmail or your ISP). Once you have your username [more…]

How to Set Up E-mail Manually on Your NOOK Tablet

If automatic e-mail setup doesn’t work on your NOOK tablet, you can set up your Email app manually. You have to know the exact name of your provider’s e-mail server for sending and receiving. [more…]

How to Navigate NOOK Tablet Comics Books

Pow! Ooph! Wow! The NOOK Tablet can display specially formatted NOOK Comics books in portrait mode or landscape mode. Moving within a NOOK Comics book is very similar to the steps involved in navigating [more…]

Side-Load Abilities on the NOOK Tablet

In addition to the ability to download files from the Internet via WiFi connection, you can bring files to a NOOK Tablet by side-loading, too. Side-loading [more…]

How to Transfer Files from Computer to NOOK Tablet

The NOOK Tablet allows you to host many file types in its storage space. You want to make sure the files are in the right format, then you are able to transfer them through a USB connection from your computer [more…]

How to Properly Disconnect the NOOK Tablet from a Computer

When you connect your NOOK Tablet to a laptop or desktop computer, you want to eject it before you physically unplug the USB cable to protect against damaging the files that you copy to the tablet. [more…]

NOOK Tablet Travel Abroad

Nothing prevents you from taking your NOOK Tablet when traveling outside of the United States, although some roadblocks keep you from buying something when you’re in another country. Why? Because most [more…]

How to Password-Protect Your NOOK Tablet

It might be a good idea to add password protection to your NOOK Tablet Shop to make sure that other people use their accounts — not yours — to purchase from B&N, particularly if others will have access [more…]

How to Shop on Your NOOK Tablet

It’s likely that you would like to shop for books and other content on your NOOK Tablet. The bottom line, of course, is that without books, magazines, videos, music, apps, or document files, your NOOK [more…]

How to Purchase e-Reading Material on Your NOOK Tablet

Purchasing books and periodicals for your NOOK Tablet gives you access to their content. Although loaning among friends is allowed and libraries are expanding their abilities to lend digital copies of [more…]

How to Manage Your B&N Account on Your NOOK Tablet

In order to purchase anything for your NOOK Tablet, you must have an account set up with the B&N store. This requires a username and password, as well as a credit card for purchases. [more…]

How to Buy Apps from B&N

The NOOK Tablet can accept new programs that teach it new tricks: apps. An app (short for application) is a small software program. Where do you get apps? Well, in the case of the NOOK Tablet, [more…]

Wireless Settings on the NOOK Tablet

The Wireless Settings screen on the NOOK Tablet lets you turn WiFi on or off and it lists all the wireless networks your NOOK Tablet can find.

The system asks if you want it to reconnect to any other network [more…]

How to Access the Web Browser on Your NOOK Tablet

The NOOK Tablet lets you visit websites. The tablet’s web browser is relatively fast and can show movies, news, and music. (For those who need to know: It supports Adobe Flash Player.) [more…]

How to Mark Your Favorite Sites in the NOOK Tablet Web Browser

On the NOOK Tablet Web Browser, like on any browser, you can mark your favorite sites so you can easily get back to them. When you no longer need to reference that page, you can remove the favorite [more…]

How to Adjust the Type Size on Your NOOK Tablet Web Browser

The NOOK Tablet browser offers up five text sizes for website text. Keep in mind that choosing a larger text size will make it easier to read but means you’ll have to move around to see all the information [more…]

How to Change the Home Page on Your NOOK Tablet Web Browser

When you first use your NOOK Tablet’s web browser, the home page is the Barnes & Noble store, which is devoted to all things NOOK. You’re almost certainly going to want to return to there at some time, [more…]

How to Configure Web Privacy and Security on Your NOOK Tablet

For the sake of your own confidentiality, please pay attention to the privacy and security settings on your NOOK Tablet. Privacy settings let you clear web pages, cookies, and history stored on a NOOK [more…]

How to Adjust the Web Page Content Settings on Your NOOK Tablet

The NOOK Tablet’s browser has some features that not even the most advanced and costly tablets offer — among them, full-screen pages rather than the small versions aimed at smartphones. [more…]

How to Test a NOOK Tablet Battery

Your NOOK Tablet’s lithium ion battery should deliver a nice charge for several years. If the battery fails during the standard one-year warranty period, you’ll have to send it in for repair. Get an idea [more…]

How to Fully Shut Down Your NOOK Tablet

You’re likely to be asked to turn off your NOOK Tablet in places like airplanes, hospitals, and laboratories. Follow the instructions of flight attendants, doctors, nurses, and anyone else who has a real [more…]

How to Care for the NOOK Tablet and Its Touchscreen

The NOOK is an electrical device. To keep it happy, keep it cool and dry. Also, keep the touchscreen clean, but be sure to use the right cleaners. [more…]

How to Improve Your NOOK Tablet Warranty

Your NOOK Tablet comes with a warranty. Don’t be shy about calling technical support or visiting a Barnes & Noble store and seeing their specialist for help. [more…]

How to Fix NOOK Tablet Wireless Issues

If your wireless network isn’t working properly with your NOOK Tablet, it may be a problem with the WiFi or it may be a problem with the NOOK Tablet’s connection to the WiFi signal. [more…]

How to Overcome NOOK Tablet’s E-mail Limitations

Although the NOOK Tablet’s built-in email application works quite well, it does have a few limitations when compared to a computer-based program (like Windows Mail) or a web-based program [more…]


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