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Overview of the NOOK Tablet’s Quick Nav Bar

There when you need it (but absent when you don’t), the quick nav bar on your NOOK Tablet is the superhighway to some important functions. To display the bar, touch the [more…]

Get to Know the Back of Your NOOK Tablet

The NOOK tablet’s back has two important bits of business. The back panel of the NOOK Tablet is the source of sound and expanded memory. [more…]

Get to Know the Sides of Your NOOK Tablet

Take a look at the sides of your NOOK Tablet by holding it so that the screen faces you. The top, bottom, right and left sides all have important little buttons for operating your NOOK Tablet. Read on [more…]

Install and Format the Memory Card in a NOOK Tablet

The kind designers of the NOOK Tablet made sure you don’t need a post-graduate degree in engineering to install and format a microSD or microSDHC memory card. You can get to the card slot without removing [more…]

How to Charge the NOOK Tablet Battery

Chances are your new NOOK Tablet will arrive with not much of a charge in its electrical tank. And therefore, the first thing you want to do — after you open the box — is plug it in and put some juice [more…]

Tap, Double Tap, and Press and Hold on a NOOK Tablet

On a NOOK Tablet, there is no keyboard or mouse. Instead, you communicate with your NOOK Tablet using some simple hand gestures. Not every page on the NOOK Tablet offers the same set of features, but you’ll [more…]

Swipe, Scroll, Drag, and Pinch on a NOOK Tablet

You communicate with your NOOK Tablet using some simple hand gestures. You’ll quickly learn how to get around anywhere you want to go, because the gestures are pretty easy to pick up. [more…]

Overview of the Home Screen on a NOOK Tablet

The Home screen is the default NOOK Tablet display (like the desktop on a desktop or laptop computer). The Home screen has two main areas: [more…]

Overview of the Keep Reading (and More) Ribbon on a NOOK Tablet

Regardless of which panel of the NOOK Tablet Home screen you’re consulting, you can access the Keep Reading ribbon at the top, as well as the More menu. [more…]

Overview of the Daily Shelf on a NOOK Tablet

The Daily Shelf is a row of books, magazines, newspapers, and applications that runs along the bottom of the NOOK Tablet Home screen. These are items that you have recently opened, bought, downloaded, [more…]

How to Add Wallpaper to the Home Screen of Your NOOK Tablet

The 16-million-color high-resolution display that sits behind the NOOK Tablet Home screen is a terrible thing to waste. You can select from patterns and pictures that come with the tablet, but why not [more…]

Overview of the NOOK Tablet’s Status Bar

The status bar is on the bottom of the NOOK Tablet touchscreen. The status bar looks different depending on what you’re doing. [more…]

How to Access Quick Settings in the NOOK Tablet

The Quick Settings menu is an as-you-need-it menu available from the status bar. You’ll find the status bar on the bottom of the NOOK Tablet touchscreen. [more…]

Get to Know the Front of Your NOOK Tablet

The front of your NOOK Tablet is home to just three items of note, two of them quite important and one strictly for wit and whimsy: [more…]

PDF and EPUB Books for NOOK Tablet

Books for your NOOK Tablet can come in PDF and EPUB file formats. PDF and EPUB are simply the file formats in which the books are published.

Before you start worrying about file format, here’s the deal: [more…]

NOOK Tablet Reading Tools

The pathway to the bells and whistles of the NOOK Tablet lies in the Reading Tools menu. Here is where you can move quickly through a book, search for something in particular, share your knowledge, or [more…]

NOOK Tablet Text and Brightness Tools

Gutenberg could never have imagined this, but you have the opportunity on your NOOK Tablet to adjust the text size and screen brightness, customizing the feel of the book to your personal preferences. [more…]

Reading Basics for NOOK Tablet

The NOOK tablet can do a lot of neat things, but eventually, you'll want to read something on it — books, magazines, newspapers, even comic books. Good news! That’s just about as easy as tapping your finger [more…]

NOOK Tablet Tools to Take Notes

The NOOK Tablet has many note taking tools to make your reading experience as good as or better than that of reading a hard copy of a book. [more…]

NOOK Tablet Text Selection Toolbar

The Text Selection Toolbar is home to the basic and advanced notetaking options for the NOOK Tablet reader. This section allows you to customize your preferences [more…]

How to Search within a NOOK Tablet Book

In most NOOK Tablet eBooks you can search for a particular word or phrase. However, if you’re using a public domain file that is just a picture of pages [more…]

Magazines on the NOOK Tablet

Magazines come in all shapes, sizes, and special designs. Digital formats vary greatly; the way you see pages from a periodical using the NOOK Tablet may be different from one magazine to another and some [more…]

How to Read Newspapers on the NOOK Tablet

Whether you’ve downloaded a single issue or you subscribe on your NOOK Tablet, newspapers are on your Daily Shelf and on the Newsstand page of your Library. [more…]

The NOOK Tablet for Kids of All Ages

The NOOK Tablet offers some special features for kids (and those who sit by their side as they discover the joys of reading) with special features that are part of the NOOK Kids picture books. Some children’s [more…]

How to Disable and Re-Enable the NOOK Tablet Web Browser

Some users worry about leaving the door to the World Wide Web open on their NOOK Tablet. That might include parents who want to let the kids borrow the NOOK Tablet. [more…]

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