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How to Reference a Rectangular Block of Cells

You can reference rectangular blocks of cells when working in the Lists & Spreadsheet application on the TI-Nspire. To do this, type the cell reference for the upper-left corner of the rectangular block [more…]

How to Use the Fill Command on the TI-NSpire

TI-Nspire allows you to generate lists of sequential data very quickly in the Lists & Spreadsheet application. And the analysis of these data sets can be performed quickly and efficiently as well. If you [more…]

How to Create Column Data Based on Another Column

When you're working in the Lists & Spreadsheet application on the TI-Nspire, you can create column data based on another column. Assume that you're interested in finding the sum of the dice for each trial [more…]

How to Sort Data in Lists & Spreadsheet

You can sort data when working in the Lists & Spreadsheet application on the TI-Nspire. Perhaps you want to sort the data that’s contained in column C from the two-dice experiment to see how the sums are [more…]

How to Generate Sequential Data on the TI-Nspire

You can use the Lists & Spreadsheet application on the TI-Nspire to generate sequential data. The first two values of the famous Fibonacci sequence are both 1. The remaining values are found by adding [more…]

How to Manipulate Single-Variable Data on TI-Nspire

TI-Nspire allows two-way manipulation of data, which means that you can change values in the Lists & Spreadsheet application and watch a Data & Statistics graph update automatically. Likewise, you can [more…]

One-Variable Statistics on the TI-Nspire

On the TI-Nspire, you scan perform some basic statistical functions on a single data set. Assume that you’ve entered the first-semester averages for two Algebra II classes in a column titled [more…]

Enter Data for a Scatter Plot in the Graphs Application

You can use the Lists & Spreadsheet application on the TI-Nspire to enter data to construct a scatter plot. Before you perform a regression, it’s almost imperative that you view a scatter plot of the data [more…]

How to Insert a Graphics Page for a Scatter Plot

After you have entered data to construct a scatter plot, you can inspect the scatter plot in the Graphs application of the TI-Nspire. Here’s what you do: [more…]

How to Perform a Cubic Regression

If a cubic polynomial is a good fit for the data on a scatter plot, you need to perform a cubic regression. You can do this in the TI-Nspire Lists & Spreadsheets application. To perform a regression, follow [more…]

Results of a Regression on the TI-Nspire

A variety of variables (26 in all) are stored by TI-Nspire after a regression. To view this list, add a Calculator page and press [VAR]. Using the [more…]

How to Graph and Update a Regression Equation

You can view the graph of a regression equation on the TI-Nspire Graphs page and even change the data and have the TI-Nspire update the equation automatically. To view the graph of your regression equation [more…]

How to Perform a Second Regression on the Same Data

Assume that you have used a set of data on the TI-Nspire to create a scatter plot and perform a regression. Perhaps you want to construct a second scatter plot and associated regression on the TI-Nspire [more…]

How to Store Variables in Geometry on TI-Nspire

When working on the TI-Nspire, many situations might arise that require you to investigate a geometric object numerically and algebraically. Take, for example, the situation in which you want to determine [more…]

Configure Lists & Spreadsheet for Data Capture

Your stored variables are available for use in any application that is part of the same problem. You can use these variables to set up the TI-Nspire Lists & Spreadsheet page for data capture. [more…]

How to Graph a Scatter Plot of Data

You can graph a scatter plot of your data on the TI-Nspire; you can collect data automatically or manually. If you are ready to configure a scatter plot of already entered [more…]

How to Analyze Captured Data on TI-Nspire

After you have both graphical and numerical results available on the TI-Nspire, you can analyze them to discover find and graph an equation to model a scatter plot or to sort the data to find the length [more…]

Launch Data & Statistics from Lists & Spreadsheet Application

As with any TI-Nspire application, you have the option of launching the Data & Statistics application by inserting a new page and selecting Data & Statistics from the seven available choices. [more…]

Work with Data & Statistics on a Separate Page

Quick Graph on the TI-Nspire reconfigures your page layout to display a Data & Statistics graph on the current screen (unless your current page layout contains four applications). To view a Data & Statistics [more…]

How to Create a Dot Chart on TI-Nspire

When working with categorical data, you have the option of creating a dot chart. In the first screen is a variation of a two-dice sum example. The first column [more…]

Change Scale and Adjust Bins on a Histogram

You can create a histogram on the TI-Nspire. Press [MENU]→Plot Type→Histogram (or right-click near the middle of the screen and choose Histogram) to display single-variable data as a histogram. The first [more…]

Change Histogram Variables and Insert a Normal Curve

As with a dot plot, you can change variables or use the Add/Remove Variable options located on the [MENU]→Plot Properties submenu on the TI-Nspire. Remember to use the Add/Remove tools to change your histogram [more…]

How to Plot a Value on a TI-Nspire Histogram

On the TI-Nspire, you can plot a value on a histogram that displays as a vertical line perpendicular to the horizontal axis at a point equal to the specified value. In the third screen, press [more…]

How to Work with Box Plots on the TI-Nspire

On the TI-Nspire, you can create box plots. Consider that you want to investigate the major-league home run leaders between the years of 1988 and 2002. Although this topic is somewhat controversial, from [more…]

Box Plot Outliers and the Use of Color on TI-Nspire

To graph a second box plot on the TI-Nspire containing the National League data, press [MENU]→Plot Properties→Add X Variable and choose nl to create the second box plot. [more…]


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