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E-Mail on Your Droid Bionic

Electronic mail is handled on the Droid Bionic by two apps: Gmail and Email. The Gmail app hooks directly into your Google Gmail account. In fact, they’re exact echoes of each other: The Gmail you receive [more…]

Droid Bionic: Configure a Web-Based E-Mail Account

You need to configure the Droid Bionic to access any non-Gmail e-mail account. The process is easy for web-based e-mail accounts such as Yahoo! Mail; follow through with these steps to get things set up [more…]

Droid Bionic: Set up an ISP E-Mail Account

For e-mail provided by your Internet service provider (ISP), office, or other large organization, you have to work the manual setup on the Droid Bionic. The steps are involved, but as long you have the [more…]

Droid Bionic: Receive E-Mail Messages

You’re alerted to the arrival of a new e-mail message in your Droid Bionic by a notification icon. The icon differs depending on the e-mail’s source.

For a new Gmail message, you see the New Gmail notification [more…]


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