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Deciding on the Best Route for Your Over-the-Road Wi-Fi

When it comes to over-the-road types, everybody's situation is vastly different. Because of that, there's not a universal solution to the question of how long any Wi-Fi subscription should be, which WISP [more…]

Recording a Note on Your Pocket PC

In addition to typing, handwriting, and drawing, you have another interesting option for creating a note. You can record a note in your own voice — or someone else's if you can get her to talk into your [more…]

Adding Categories to a To-Do List on Your Palm

People who use Palm devices are often busy people with scads of things to do. If you're usually juggling too many tasks to fit on one little screen, you'll find assigning categories to your tasks useful [more…]

Setting Up Custom Address Book Fields on Your Palm Device

Sometimes you need to keep track of something about the people you know but you don't already have a line (or field) for it on your Address List. For example, if your job involves selling merchandise to [more…]

Understanding What Makes Digital Sound Different from Analog Sound

Remember when musical recordings were stored on cassettes or vinyl records? These recordings stored sound in an analogformat — the sound was recorded to the disc or tape as physical grooves or magnetic [more…]

Analog to Digital: Exploring External Video Converters

You have a computer with a FireWire port, and you want to capture some analog video. What are you going to do? You have many solutions, of course. You can install a video-capture card, but a good one costs [more…]

Creating a New E-Mail Message on Your Pocket PC

Creating an email message is a very simple process. It's almost the same as writing out a quick note except that you need to add the recipient's address and a subject line to an email message. [more…]

Setting Up Repeating Appointments on Your Palm

You certainly don't want to forget that important weekly meeting of Electronics Shoppers Anonymous. Rather than enter each of those meetings individually, you can set up a repeating appointment in your [more…]

Understanding Warranties and Returns on Car Audio Equipment

Like any consumer product, car audio equipment usually comes with a manufacturer's warranty. But unlike most consumer products, car audio equipment has to be installed in a vehicle for it to work. Some [more…]

Seeking Out Other Sources for Digital Music

You can purchase downloads or order CDs online all you want, but some other sources don't directly involve Windows XP. You can tie these sources into the computer eventually, but the first step is to move [more…]

Setting Alarms in Your Palm Calendar

Some of us need lots of reminding. Fortunately, your Palm device is always around to gently pester you into doing what needs to be done — when it needs to be done. It's sort of a like an electronic mother-in-law [more…]

Finding a Contact in Your Palm Address Book

If you took the time to enter a bunch of names into your Palm device, you obviously want to find those names again.

Here's the quickest way to find a name in the Address Book: [more…]

Giving Tablet PC an Earful

The Speech feature of Windows XP for Tablet PC enables you to dictate content for documents, such as letters, e-mails, or spreadsheets. You can also speak commands to your computer and software, such as [more…]

Adding Appointments to the Palm Calendar

You can keep track of a surprising amount of detailed information in the Date Book. Thousands of appointments fit comfortably into the Date Book, along with reminders, notes, and other details. You don't [more…]

Adding an Appointment on Your Pocket PC

To add a new appointment, open your calendar and then tap New on the menu bar. You can also tap-and-hold on a specific date and time for the appointment, and select New Appointment from the pop-up menu [more…]

Changing To-Dos on Your Palm Device

The French have a saying, "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose," which means, "The more things change, the more they're the same." The neat thing about changing to-do items is that you basically follow [more…]

Purging Palm To-Dos That You've Done

The reason for keeping a to-do list is to help you get things done. After you've done the things on your list, you have no reason to leave them hanging around. The Purge function automatically deletes [more…]

How to Buy Songs from iTunes

You’ve found a great song on Apple iTunes and you want to buy it. Before you can buy songs on Apple iTunes, though, you have to set up an account with Apple [more…]

How to Buy an iTunes Gift Certificate or Monthly Allowance

If you have trouble coming up with gifts, Apple iTunes may be your salvation. You can give the gift of music through Apple iTunes gift certificates, in amounts ranging from [more…]

How to Buy Audiobooks, Movies, and Non-Music Products from iTunes

The iTunes Music Store is now just called the iTunes Store because you can purchase a lot more than just music for your iPod. Whether you’re an audiobook fan or a TV buff, or a lifelong learner, you can [more…]

Newer Audio Formats: SACD and DVD-A

The CD is the most common audio source in disc format, but SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc) and the DVD-Audio disc are also available. The SACD and DVD-Audio [more…]

How Speakers Work

Speakers are actually relatively simple devices. You should understand at least the basics of how speakers work before incorporating them into your home theater system. Basically, you have an enclosure [more…]

What You Need for a Basic Home Theater

A big-screen TV alone doesn't mean you have a basic home theater. The core of a basic home theater (or even a fancy media room) consists of at least three major elements — well, four, if you include popcorn [more…]

What You Need for a Complete Home Theater

If you're dreaming of a complete home theater system, then consider this comprehensive list of necessities. Essential gear for a complete home theater includes sources, receivers/controllers, displays, [more…]

How to Use Existing Audio/Visual Devices in a Home Theater

When upgrading to a home theater, you may wonder if existing audio/visual devices can be used in the new home theater. Existing audio/visual devices can work, but you lose a lot in terms of capability [more…]

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