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Exploring the Software That Makes Audio Happen

The following programs interpret the numbers and instructions that are present in the digital file formats and do one of three things: play the music, download the music, or edit the music. [more…]

Knowing Where to Find HDTV Programming

In the vein of "all dressed up and nowhere to go," HDTVs would be no good without content to show on them — native, high-definition content, that is. Hollywood has done its usual: [more…]

Backing Up Your Pocket PC Files

Synchronizing your files is a great way to keep your Pocket PC and your desktop PC working together, but there's one big problem with synchronization — it doesn't protect you from losing important data [more…]

Getting to Know the Palm Applications

Palm devices aren't designed to be just cool little computers, although they're definitely cool little computers. They are designed to do useful things for you as soon as you take them out of the box. [more…]

Tracking Your iPAQ Tasks List

Scheduling a specific time for tasks can be a real chore. How do you schedule something that doesn't really have a date associated with it? Still, a few tasks have at least some relationship to your calendar [more…]

Selecting a Geocache to Look For

After you get all your gear together, ready to venture out into the wilds, comes this one small detail: How do you know where to look for a geocache?

Like most other modern-day searches for information, [more…]

Choosing a DVD Player

DVD technology has advanced incredibly in the few years that DVD players have been on the market, and the price drops have been stupendous. Like every single piece of A/V gear, you can spend a fortune [more…]

Getting Wired with Nanowires

Nanowires are simply very tiny wires. They are composed of metals such as silver, gold, or iron, or semiconductors such as silicon, zinc oxide, and germanium. Nanoparticles are used to create these little [more…]

Infrared HotSyncing Your Palm to Your Laptop

If you take advantage of IR HotSync, you can HotSync your Palm device to a laptop computer without lugging around a cradle or cable. This feature uses the same infrared [more…]

Enhancing and Managing Digital Photos with Roxio PhotoSuite 8

Roxio PhotoSuite 8 provides multipurpose editing for your digital photos. In addition to being able to make enhancements that fix flaws such as red eye, over- and underexposure, and blurriness, you can [more…]

Smart Playlists

iTunes comes with a few smart playlists. Under Party Shuffle (near the top of the Playlists section of the Source pane), you can find these smart playlists, which are indicated by a gear icon. iTunes comes [more…]

Choosing a Room for Your Home Theater

As you build your home theater, all roads lead back to making viewers feel as if they are really in the scene they're watching. Where you place your system plays a big part in creating this illusion of [more…]

Over-the-Road Wireless: The Standard Front-Runners

Although approximately 13 standards for wireless connectivity exist, fortunately, you don't need to become familiar with each and every standard. As you delve deeper into the wireless world, the standards [more…]

Exploring the Hardware That Makes Sound

It doesn't take any special equipment to play sound files. You probably already have the tools in your computer. But it's important to understand what makes the music happen. [more…]

Taking and Reading Memos on Your Palm Device

If you plan to use the Memo Pad to write down large amounts of information while you're away from your desk, it really pays to understand how to use Graffiti. You can get by in all the other Palm Computing [more…]

Windows XP Digital Music: Common Problems with Portable Audio Players

People make a few common mistakes when they're dealing with hard drive and flash memory portable audio players. Everybody makes them, and you will, too. This article can help you be better prepared to [more…]

Picking a Radio Club

The easiest way to get in touch with other hams is through the local radio club. Radio clubs have been around as long as radio. The first clubs were just groups of like-minded experimenters who collaborated [more…]

Recognizing the Role of Plug-Ins in Your PC Recording Studio

Plug-ins are an important part of your computer-based recording system and one of the features that sets it apart from your old tape deck. Plug-ins allow you to process the sound of your instrument in [more…]

Checking Signal Strength on Your Palm Device

As the Palm VII becomes popular, you'll be able to take advantage to wireless features nearly everywhere. In the early going, however, you'll be able to use Palm.Net, the Palm VII service, in only selected [more…]

Adding a New Entry in Your Palm Address Book

Many people have relied on a Little Black Book since even before Casanova. The paper kind served well until the computer came along and enabled you to find one name from a list of thousands faster than [more…]

Considering HDTV Copy-Protection Systems

Film and television studios are worried about people copying their programs and distributing them to others. HDTV (and DTV in general) is worrisome to the studios because people might be able to make [more…]

Making Your Own Albums with Roxio Media Manager

The media-file collections known as albums are a key element in the struggle to organize the many and various files you use in projects created with the Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 suite. Albums enable [more…]

Tracking Your Tasks on Your Pocket PC

Scheduling a specific time for tasks can be a real chore. How do you schedule something that doesn't really have a date associated with it? Still, a few tasks have at least some relationship to your calendar [more…]

HDTV Insights: Knowing Why Altitude Can Matter with Plasma TVs

Plasma TVs rely on a thin layer of gas (which gets ionized and eventually turns into the picture you see). If you think back to your chemistry classes in high school and college, you might start remembering [more…]

Adding New To-Dos on Your Palm Device

Adding items to the To Do List is as easy as you want to make it. If you want to keep track of short lists of simple projects, you can go a long way with the tools that come with a Palm device. If your [more…]

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