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Using Voice Recognition to Manage Your Pocket PC Contacts

You can use voice recognition software on your Pocket PC. A popular software package that's available is Voice LookUpfrom HandHeld Speech ( [more…]

HDTV Insights: Introducing High-Definition Camcorders

So if you can link your SD camcorder to your regular TV, what's the big deal with HD versions? Lots of pixels, for one thing — three times as many pixels as the best offered by National Television System [more…]

Thin Is In When It Comes to HDTV Displays

Flat-panel TV technology — super-thin HDTVs that you can hang on the wall like a painting — have really taken off in popularity. A big-screen, flat-panel plasma or LCD TV has become [more…]

Setting Reminders on Your Pocket PC

Adding things to your busy schedule is only half the battle. You also have to remember to send that anniversary card, make that important phone call, or meet that potential backer for lunch. And, to make [more…]

Understanding Digital Sound and Analog Sound

The creation of the digital compact disc changed the way music is recorded and played. Digital sound has, to a large extent, replaced analog sound. But what really is the difference between digital and [more…]

Creating TiVo Playlists and WishLists

TiVo is a master organizer — in fact, that's pretty much all it does. So you shouldn't hesitate to ask TiVo to play a list of songs in whatever order you decide. And definitely don't think twice about [more…]

Putting TiVo's Home Media Option to Work

The Home Media Option (HMO) lets TiVo make friends with your computer. When you tell your computer what items to share, TiVo dutifully places them on its handy menus. TiVo expands the viewing potential [more…]

Peering Into Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Peer-to-peer (or P2P) file sharing occurs through an online service that enables users to transfer files from other users' computers to their own, and vice versa. Software programs are available that allow [more…]

How to Browse and Preview iPod Games at the iTunes Store

The iTunes Store offers colorful games to play on your iPod — all kinds of games, from Mini Golf and Mahjong to the classic Tetris and Cubis 2. You can even play the wildly popular Japanese game Sudoku [more…]

Navigating Street Atlas USA

The first thing that you notice about Street Atlas USA is that it doesn't use a familiar Windows, menu-based user interface. Instead, it uses a unique user interface with its mapping programs; after you [more…]

Getting to Know the Four Basic Shapes and Sizes of Speakers

You'll probably run into four generic shape and size categories of speakers for your home audio system. These four categories are: [more…]

Choosing an Audio Software Option for BitTorrent

If you're just starting to create audio for the wonderful world of BitTorrent, try out the open-source audio software packages first. After you're comfortable with those, research the higher-end, more [more…]

Getting to Know Your Palm Device

A Palm device is a simple little contraption with almost no moving parts. Sometimes it's hard to believe that it's a computer at all. After all, computers are supposed to have zillions of buttons and lights [more…]

Going Wireless with Your Tablet PC

Although you can connect through a regular phone line or some method of high-speed access to e-mail and fax from your Tablet PC, you may be less familiar with what's involved in making a wireless connection [more…]

Understanding the Importance of Your Speakers' Enclosure

Your speaker enclosure, it turns out, is pretty critical. You see, with all the shaking your drivers do, if you have a rather flimsy speaker encasement, then it's either going to make a lot of noise, fall [more…]

Sharing Photos between a Digital Camera and Your Pocket PC

In order to work with digital images on your Pocket PC, you first have to move those images from your digital camera to your Pocket PC. This can be very simple in some cases and very difficult in others [more…]

Archiving Your Palm Data

Your Palm device can hold only a fraction of the information your desktop computer can. To save space on the Palm device, clearing things out regularly is a good idea. The Palm device has a Purge function [more…]

Covering Music Toys for the Truly Geeky

Part of the fun of having new portable audio toys is adding accessories to make them do exactly what you want in exactly the way you want. This list takes a look at some of the more unique and unusual [more…]

Beaming Items with Your Palm Device

Beaming is a Palm Computing feature that enables you to send information from one Palm device to another by directly pointing the two units at each other. As long as the units are no more than about three [more…]

Upgrading Your Palm

You can upgrade three elements of your Palm device: the operating system (or Palm OS), the memory card, or the desktop program.

You need to know these two essential facts about upgrading your Palm device [more…]

Going for Good Service with Your HDTV Purchase

When you're buying an HDTV set, you're spending a relatively serious chunk of change. Heck, even if you're loaded, spending $10,000 or more on a front-projector system starts to move out of the pocket-change [more…]

Figuring Out Hard Drive Players

Many people have only dealt with hard drives as a component of their computers. They are the massive storage devices that reside inside the computer's tower [more…]

Introducing the Magic That Is BitTorrent

BitTorrent isn't the newest of the peer-to-peer (often abbreviated as P2P) file-sharing technologies, but it is one with a major difference. (Peer-to-peer file sharing describes the process of sharing [more…]

Getting Excited over BitTorrent Uses

Any organization or group with a lot of content to distribute can benefit from the financial savings of using BitTorrent instead of traditional FTP or HTTP transfers over the Web. If you plan to make media [more…]

Using Palm Mail

You can use the built-in Palm email program only if you have a desktop mail program with which to synchronize it. You can do many of the same tasks with Palm Mail that you can with your desktop email program [more…]

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