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Putting Pen to Tablet PC

When you've discovered how to perform mouse actions on your Tablet PC with your pen, you're ready to explore how you use your pen to write in a Tablet PC. You can write directly in some applications, such [more…]

Plugging into a Whole-Home Network

For most folks, the installation of whole-home wiring isn't something that they want to do as a casual project. If you don't have a whole home wiring system in place and can't put one in, don't freak out [more…]

Adjusting the Security on Your iPAQ

One of the great things about an iPAQ is that it's small enough to fit into a pocket. Unfortunately, this also makes an iPAQ an attractive target for thieves or even people who simply can't resist playing [more…]

Operating Your Ham Radio in an Emergency

You hope it never happens, but what if worse comes to worst? All emergencies are different, of course, so a step-by-step procedure is not going to be very useful. Here are some solid principles to follow [more…]

Building Your Robot Safely

Compared to defusing bombs and walking tightropes, building robots is a safe endeavor. Still, there are some safety tips here that may come in handy.

In addition to the specific pointers included here, [more…]

Your HDTV: Projecting a Good Image

When most people think of HDTV, they think of big screens — specifically, projection TV systems. Projection TVs offer the most bang for the buck in the HDTV world [more…]

Clearing the Static on HDTV Types

When you're trying to pick out the right HDTV for your needs, the available products break down into three major product groups distinguished from each other by their display technology and cabinet type [more…]

Taking Tablet PC for a Spin

Different Tablet PC models put that all-important power switch in different places. For example, the Acer model has a slider button on its right edge — you push the slider forward to turn the power on. [more…]

Selecting a Location for Your Own Geocache

Just like in real estate or retail sales, location is everything when it comes to placing a geocache. After you select a container, figure out where to put it — or sometimes you find a perfect hiding place [more…]

Adding Subwoofers in the Mix

Most subwoofers have floor-based enclosures with active speaker systems (that is, with built-in amplifiers) for driving the low bass frequency ranges. Your biggest decision when choosing subwoofers for [more…]

Ten Secrets about Jumping into Ham Radio

In this article, you will find ten fundamental truths that can help even the rankest beginner keep the wheels turning during those first forays into ham radio. Keep these tips in mind and you'll be on [more…]

Geocaching: The High-Tech Scavenger Hunt

When the U.S. government turned off GPS Selective Availability (SA) in May 2000, it was like magic. Suddenly civilian GPS receivers that were formerly accurate to about 300 feet were accurate to 30 feet [more…]

Beaming an Item from Your Palm

Beaming is a Palm Computing feature that enables you to send information from one Palm device to another by directly pointing the two units at one another. As long as the units are within about three feet [more…]

Recording a New Task on Your BlackBerry

Recording a task on your BlackBerry is the first step to take when building a to-do list. Don't groan and roll your eyes, dreading how long this will take. Recording a task on a BlackBerry is easy, so [more…]

Mounting a Thin TV Display in Your Home Theater

One of the bigger advances in TV displays in recent years has been the depth of the units — displays are getting thinner and thinner. Instead of just plunking your new display on top of a table, consider [more…]

Exploring Some Graffiti Gee Whiz Secrets on Your Palm

Most people can get a good handle on Graffiti within a few hours, except for people under 15 years of age, who usually pick it up in about five minutes. [more…]

Home Theater Basics: What's "Electronic Content?"

Grabbing music and video off the Internet probably isn't a new topic for you. But when you get right down to it, knowing a few high-level concepts about [more…]

Windows XP Digital Music: Transferring Files to Your Portable Audio Player

You can use a variety of software to manage files on your portable audio player. Many players require you to use their proprietary software, and some players interface with Windows Media Player. The first [more…]

Integrating PC-Based Gaming into Your Home Theater

Although most people think of console gaming as something you do in the living room (or home theater room) and PC gaming as something you do in the home office or at a desk somewhere, in fact PC-based [more…]

Mac Copy Utilities

You can use third-party utilities to copy information to and from your Mac to and from your iPod. When using Mac copy utilities, remember that copying copyrighted material without permission is illegal [more…]

Care and Feeding, Tablet PC Style

You have a $2,000-plus baby on your hands and the last thing you want to do is abuse it or lose it (or drop it on its head). Tablet PCs typically have one-year warranties, but those often don't cover certain [more…]

HDTV Insights: Creating Virtual Surround Sound

You need at least 5 speakers for real surround sound in a viewing room, but your brain can think you're surrounded by speakers when you aren't.

For example, the folks at Dolby Labs have a couple of systems [more…]

Delving into DX-ing

Pushing your station to make contacts over greater and greater distances (DX means distant stations) is the second oldest activity in all of ham radio. Somewhere out in the ether, a station is always just [more…]

PC Recording Studios: Determining Your Software Needs

Before you go out and buy a recording program, take a few minutes to clarify what you need and want in a program. Doing so can save you a ton of hassle because not all programs are made alike — each program [more…]

How to See if Your iPod or iPhone Has the Latest Software

Your iPod (or iPhone) works best with the latest or newest software installed. iTunes tells you whether your iPod or iPhone contains the newest software. Connect the iPod or iPhone to your computer and [more…]


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