Manipulate Spreadsheets with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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How to Choose Spreadsheet Functions with NaturallySpeaking

All you have to do to apply spreadsheet functions is pick the function out of a list (that the spreadsheet remembers for you) or add the function name to the NaturallySpeaking vocabulary. [more…]

Work with Spreadsheets Using NaturallySpeaking

Using spreadsheets with older versions of NaturallySpeaking was difficult because you couldn’t directly address the names of the cells. You wanted to say something like, [more…]

Excel Voice Modes for NaturallySpeaking

Excel has two voice modes in which you work: dictation mode and edit mode, called Quick edition and Full edition, respectively. Unlike the Recognition modes, you do not select the Quick or Full Edition [more…]

Move the Cursor with NaturallySpeaking in Spreadsheets

The Move Up/Down/Left/Right commands can also be used when you work with spreadsheets. They do exactly what you need: move the cursor from one cell to another. If the currently selected cell is B2, saying [more…]

Input Spreadsheet Data with NaturallySpeaking

Spreadsheets are all about manipulating numbers, so the obvious question is how to get the numbers into the spreadsheet in the first place. The basic idea of how to get a number or date or time [more…]

Useful Reformatting Commands for Excel with NaturallySpeaking

Spreadsheets like Excel are capable of displaying numbers, dates, and times in a nearly infinite number of ways. Your best bet is not to worry too much about how to format a number in NaturallySpeaking [more…]

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