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How to Access the Internet from Your Laptop When Traveling

Internet access is available everywhere. If you need to specifically access your own ISP from your laptop while you are traveling, it's preferable to have either a local access number or a toll-free number [more…]

USB Ports on a Laptop

A USB port allows a variety of devices to be attached to a laptop without needing a specific port or bulky connector. USB ports can connect printers, scanners, MP3 players, and a host of other peripherals [more…]

Your PC’s Video Ports

The video port has been around for many years and still rocks! Virtually all video cards still offer the same 15-pin, D-SUB video port that originally appeared with the IBM Video Graphics Array [more…]

How to Set up the Fax Modem on Your Laptop

The fax machine on your laptop is really nothing more than a remote printer. Although it's the modem's hardware that carries out the faxing, you need to look for your laptop’s fax machine in the list of [more…]

How to Clean Your PC Monitor and Scanner

Keep the glass surfaces of your monitor and scanner clean — but beware because you can do more harm than good to your monitor and scanner when cleaning if you don’t know what you’re doing. Clean your monitor [more…]

How to Conserve Your Laptop's Battery Using Power Options

You can use the Power Options feature to help your laptop's battery last longer. You can also avoid using certain devices or ration their use to save a modicum of power. For example, by setting a lower [more…]

Considering Video Card Features

When you decide to buy a new video card, you need to make sure that the video card fits your motherboard and has the chipsets that you want. Also look for these video card features and specifications while [more…]

Put Windows Vista in Hibernate Mode

Use hibernation to save power and not-quite-exactly turn the PC off. Hibernation saves all the computer’s memory — everything the system is doing — and then turns the computer off [more…]

Organize Your Photos in Windows Vista

Organize your photos in Windows Vista to make them easier to find later. To organize your photos, assign a key tag to each photo.

It’s tempting to create a folder called New Photos in your Pictures folder [more…]

How to Play with Puzzles in Windows Vista

Free Cell is for Windows XP. Vista users will become addicted to picture puzzles, a fun application that lets you try to arrange puzzle pieces into a picture or play a number puzzle. If you're already [more…]

How to Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery

You can extend the life of your laptop’s battery by using its hardware and software features strategically. [more…]

How to Disable the Original WiFi adapter

If your laptop has built-in WiFi but you add a new adapter that connects through the PC Card adapter or a USB port, you will need to remove or disable Windows drivers for the original unit. You should [more…]

How to Use the CD/DVD Drive in Your Laptop

Today’s laptops offer two types of CD/DVD drives: the slot type and the tray type. With the slot type, the disc is inserted into a slot. At some point, the computer [more…]

The Different Types of Laptop Batteries

Laptops are powered by several different types of batteries. These batteries provide direct-current power to your laptop.

Lithium-ion: This is the type of battery you want to have in your laptop. This type [more…]

Your Computer’s FireWire (IEEE 1394) Connections

On a PC, the IEEE port (called FireWire) is used primarily for connecting audio or video devices to the console. An external scanner or disk drive may also use the IEEE port. [more…]

The Types of PC Backup Drives

Backup drives used to mean inexpensive, slow-running tape drives. Today, even high-priced digital audiotape (DAT) backup drives are losing ground fast in the backup drive world. Instead, you now have three [more…]

How to Insert a PC Card into Your Laptop

This is cinchy. Just stick the PC Card into the slot on your laptop. It slides in only one way: The narrow edge with the holes goes in first. [more…]

The Types of Broadband Modems

High-speed modems fall under the category of broadband modems. Broadband modems connect to the Internet at top speeds. The only downsides to broadband modems are that you must live in an area that provides [more…]

How to Leave Your E-mail on the ISP Server

When you’re traveling, you may want to check your e-mail but still keep it available to view from your desktop computer when you get back home. You can do so by keeping all your e-mail on your ISP's e-mail [more…]

How to Move Your Windows Briefcase to Your Laptop

Once you have added files to your Briefcase that you want to take from your desktop computer, you’re ready to move the Briefcase icon to your laptop. Moving files from your desktop to your laptop using [more…]

Dialup Modems

Dialup modems are called “dialup” because they use standard telephone lines to transmit and receive information. Dialup modems were the only kind of modems out there for years. A dialup modem can be [more…]

How to Use Passwords on Your Laptop

Windows lets you slap a password on your account and then requires you to type that password before you can use Windows. Though this is optional, and seems kind of silly when you're the only one around [more…]

How to Browse the Internet on Your Laptop During Travel

One way to browse the Web on the road, especially if you're away from an Internet connection for some time (such as on an airplane), is to save your Web pages! [more…]

Different Types of PC Software

The operating system isn’t the only software you use on your computer. If you’re a typical computer user, you’ll most likely obtain all kinds of computer software — software to help customize your computer [more…]

Your PC’s Setup Program

You might never need to run or access your PC’s Setup program, but it’s good to know how to get there, regardless. You use the Setup program, for example, when adding more memory to the computer, updating [more…]

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