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Laptop Battery Status

Monitor the status of your laptop’s battery to make sure the battery doesn’t run out in the middle of something important. You can monitor the battery by viewing the tiny battery icon on the system tray [more…]

How to Disable the Windows XP Guest Account on Your Laptop

The Windows XP Guest account allows anyone to use your laptop. Even considering that the Guest account is highly limited, that's just enough for a data thief to get a foothold and start hacking away. [more…]

How to Select a New PC Motherboard

When you need a new motherboard on your PC, you may be overwhelmed by your motherboard-replacing options. Selecting a motherboard isn’t as complex as you might think, though. Keep these guidelines in mind [more…]

How to Add External Storage to Your PC

If you want more storage for your PC, you can attach an external storage device. To add an external storage media (an external disk drive or flash drive) to your computer: [more…]

How to Protect Your Laptop from Theft

You can protect your laptop from a disastrous theft by taking a few precautions. Here are some helpful hints and suggestions on things you can do ahead of time to help prevent theft or recover your laptop [more…]

How to Install an Athlon or Pentium CPU in Your PC

Ready to install that new Athlon or Pentium CPU you bought for your PC? Remember, if you didn’t buy a combo motherboard with the CPU already installed, install your processor before you install the motherboard [more…]

How to Eject a Memory Card from Your PC

You can’t just yank out a memory card that you’ve put in your PC. It may be tempting. But if you do pull out the memory card without properly ejecting it, the memory card can be damaged or the information [more…]

How to Identify Your PC’s Microprocessor

It’s not easy to confirm that your PC has the microprocessor you bought. Even if you crack open the case, the microprocessor hides behind the little fan hat that it wears — and the microprocessor chip [more…]

How to Set Up Network Hardware in Your Laptop

In order to network, you need to install a NIC, or network interface card, inside your laptop.

Most laptops sold today come with a NIC standard. You can tell that it’s there by looking for the RJ-45 hole [more…]

How to Add and Remove Your Laptop to and from a Network

Adding and removing your laptop to and from a network is probably the easiest part of using a network.

After the network connection has been made and everything is set up, you can connect your laptop to [more…]

How to Set Up a Printer for Your Laptop

To use a printer with your laptop, you must first set it up. A few laptops still feature a printer port, but most use a regular USB port. [more…]

How to Use Real Virtual Network Computing from Your Laptop

A fine company in the U.K., RealVNC, produces a free product that lets you access and use your computer from any other location on the Internet. Yes, again, the product is free. It's easy to install and [more…]

Features to Look for When You Buy a Laptop Case

The idea behind your laptop case is to safely carry and protect the laptop while you're traveling; plus, it needs to carry all your laptop toys and other, related goodies. Here's a list of features to [more…]

Your Computer’s Operating System

The most important piece of software inside a computer is its operating system. And the operating system is no slacker. The operating system has several duties: [more…]

How to Open and Adjust the Laptop Screen

Believe it or not, the laptop must be in an open position for you to use it. Here's the catch: The lid has a catch, or possibly two! The catch is either a button that you push in or a little slider that [more…]

How to Install RAM in Your Laptop

The general process of installing memory modules, or RAM, in a laptop is very similar from one brand to another; today, nearly every laptop design places an access panel on the bottom of the laptop and [more…]

How to Calibrate Inkjet Printer Cartridges

Calibration refers to the proper alignment of the inkjet cartridge nozzles to the paper and each other; without a properly calibrated printer, your print quality degrades. You’ll want to calibrate your [more…]

How to Configure the Laptop Mouse

You can control the laptop's mouse hardware through the Mouse Properties dialog box. Here, you find the controls for configuring and setting up your laptop's pointing device. [more…]

How to Restart Windows on Your Laptop

Occasionally, you're directed to reset the laptop, which is often referred to as "restarting Windows." To do so, heed these steps: [more…]

How to Shut Down When the Laptop Doesn’t Want To

Unlike with a desktop computer, it’s not that simple to turn off your laptop when it freezes up or misbehaves. You just can't yank that power cord from the wall on a laptop. The reason that it doesn't [more…]

What to Do When Your Laptop Battery Isn't Providing Power

If your laptop's battery doesn't seem to be pumping out enough power, do some troubleshooting before you spend the money on a new battery. First, check to see that the battery hasn't been accidentally [more…]

How to Use the Device Manager on Your Laptop

You can use the Windows Device Manager to view the status of a device or diagnose a problem caused by one of your laptop’s systems. [more…]

How to Eject a Disc from Your PC

After you insert a disc into your PC’s disc drive, you eventually want to get that disc back out. Ejecting a disc from a PC running Windows is a pretty simple process. To eject a disc from a DVD drive: [more…]

How to Replace Your Laptop Battery

If your laptop battery fails or no longer holds a sufficient charge, you can easily replace it. Follow these steps: [more…]

How to Identify the Different Ends of a USB Cable

USB cables have two ends, and each end can be different. On one end of the cable is the A connector. The other end, most likely, has the B connector.

The A connector is rectangular. It's what plugs into [more…]

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How to Add a Second Hard Drive to Your Computer (Video)

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