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How to Make a Dialup Connection on Your Laptop Using Windows Vista

Unlike a broadband connection, which is always on, a dialup connection requires you to dial in to your ISP whenever you want to use it. Before you try making a dialup connection, ensure that your laptop [more…]

The Laptop's BIOS Setup Program

All modern PCs, laptops included, have a special Startup or Setup program. This program is not a part of your computer's operating system (Windows). Instead, it's built in to the computer's circuitry, [more…]

How to Add an External Keyboard to Your Laptop

If you miss the full size and action of a real PC keyboard, get one! Just plug it into your laptop, either into the keyboard port or a USB port, whichever is available. You can start using the keyboard [more…]

How to Put Your Laptop into Sleep Mode

All laptops have a special low-power mode, called Stand By mode or Sleep mode. In this mode, the computer is still on but power to certain areas is shut off. That way, you can keep the laptop ready for [more…]

How to Use a Scanner

Scanners are nifty little devices that work like photocopiers. Rather than make a copy, the scanner takes the original and creates a graphics image that’s then stored in your computer. So, the scanner [more…]

How to Wake Up Your Sleeping Laptop

When there hasn't been any keyboard or mouse activity for a set amount of time, Windows may go into Stand By mode when you're using battery power. The idea here is to save power; when the computer thinks [more…]

How to Connect a USB Printer to Your Laptop

Because most laptops lack a printer port, USB printers are the way to go. You can connect your USB printer by following a few easy steps: [more…]

How to Connect Your Laptop to a Peer-to-Peer Workgroup

For small networking operations, you can connect your laptop to a peer-to-peer network. This includes everything from a home office that has only one other computer to a smaller company that doesn't need [more…]

Put Windows Vista in Sleep Mode

Sleep mode, once known as Stand By or Suspend mode, is an energy-saving way to not quite turn the PC off. In Sleep mode, Windows Vista saves what you’re doing and then puts the computer into a special [more…]

How to Add External USB Storage to Your Laptop

One of the most common thingies to add to a laptop is a USB storage device, such as a flash memory card reader or USB flash drive. Both these devices meld into your laptop computer system just like any [more…]

How to Heed Your Laptop’s Low Battery Warning in Windows Vista

Thanks to smart-battery technology, your laptop computer gives you a good deal of warning before the battery poops out. You get enough time to finish what you're working on, save, close programs, and shut [more…]

Find Out How Much Memory Your PC Has

To determine how much memory (also known as RAM) is in your computer, open the System window. To open the System window and view your memory, press Win+Break on your keyboard. See the following figure. [more…]

How to Properly Shut Down Your Laptop

Here are the not-so-obvious steps you need to take to properly shut down Windows and turn off your laptop when you're done for the day: [more…]

Configure a Router

Configure your router to make your network complete. You need to configure the router so that it can communicate with your network components. Fortunately, the configuration steps are rather straightforward [more…]

How to Connect Your Laptop to an Unknown SSID in Windows Vista

For security reasons, some wireless networks don’t broadcast their SSIDs. A wireless network not broadcasting its SSID doesn’t show up in your laptop’s list of networks. [more…]

A Typical Computer Networking Setup

Networking doesn't happen without hardware. First comes the networking adapter, hardware required in order to interface the PC with the network. Wire-based networks need wire, obviously. And all networks [more…]

How to Shut Down Your Computer in Windows Vista

You may want to shut down your computer completely when you're done for the day, but Windows Vista gives you a few different options when you want to turn off your computer. Never fear, the following simple [more…]

How to Change Your Laptop’s Power Button Functions in Windows Vista

Windows Vista placed all your laptop’s power button and lid-closing functions in one handy spot. To get there, Choose Control Panel from the Start menu, and then click Power Options to display the Power [more…]

Your Computer’s Audio Connections

Computer audio involves both output and input connections. No matter how sophisticated your PC's sound system, audio connections — both input and output — are made by plugging things into the appropriate [more…]

What You Can Do with Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is a Windows Vista feature that lets you share work between your laptop and desktop computers. When the remote desktop is set up and connected, what you see on your laptop’s screen is actually [more…]

How to Put Your Laptop into Hibernation Mode

Hibernation is a useful power management feature that's often sadly ignored despite its great benefits. When you hibernate a laptop, you’re essentially turning it off. So, unlike Stand By [more…]

Buying a Replacement Battery for Your Laptop

When you buy a replacement battery for your laptop, you need to consider several factors, including price, warranty, compatibility, and capacity. [more…]

How to Connect Your Monitor to Your PC

Before you connect your monitor to your PC, you need to decide where you want to position the monitor. Set the monitor atop your desk, generally back away from where you sit, to accommodate room for the [more…]

How to Clean Your Laser Printer

Your laser printer needs a cleaning every now and then. Although you should follow the specific cleaning instructions for your brand and model of laser printer while cleaning its interior, you generally [more…]

Networking on Your Laptop

The Control Panel sports a few icons to help you get onto a network on your laptop. This includes wired and wireless connections, the Internet, dialup, and other networking options. Windows Vista uses [more…]


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