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Shutting Down Your PC

Many of these shutdown options are found on the official Shutdown menu, which you can access by clicking the triangle button in the lower-right corner of the Start button's menu [more…]

Print Your Pictures

You can use the Windows Photo Printing Wizard to print your pictures. The wizard offers nearly as many options as the drugstore’s photo counter, printing full-page glossies, wallet prints, and nearly anything [more…]

Modify Windows Vista for the Physically Challenged

You can modify Windows Vista to accommodate someone with a disability. To modify Vista, use the Ease of Access area in the Control Panel. Follow these steps to modify Vista’s settings: [more…]

How to Locate Files and Folders in My Computer Using Windows XP

Using My Computer in Windows Vista can help you locate and open files and folders stored on your hard drive or storage media, such as a CD-ROM. But to open any file, you have to find it first. Accessing [more…]

How to List Your Laptop’s Hardware in the Device Manager

The Device Manager is a window listing all the hardware in your laptop, and it's extremely useful for troubleshooting. In fact, a quick glance at the Device Manager window is all it takes to determine [more…]

How to Move Information between Applications in Windows XP

You may find the need to move information from one application in Windows XP to another application. If, for whatever reason, you need to copy and paste [more…]

Printing a Web Page

Because of their graphics-rich content, you may be tempted to print a Web page. However, trying to print a Web page often provides a print that is somewhat different than what you see on-screen. [more…]

Finding Files and Folders in Windows Explorer Using Windows Vista

To open any file, you have to find it first; and finding files and folders in Windows Vista is quite simple, using Windows Explorer. If you know where to look, you can follow a path to any file in Windows [more…]

How to Access Your E-mail while Traveling with Your Laptop

When you leave home with your laptop, you can easily access your e-mail using a Web-based e-mail system. Most people pick up their e-mail by using an e-mail program. That program, such as Microsoft Mail [more…]

See What’s Inside a Folder in Windows Vista

To see what’s inside a folder, either in the Computer folder or on Vista’s desktop, just double-click that folder’s picture. A new window pops up, showing what’s inside that folder. Spot another folder [more…]

Edit a Movie in Windows

When you edit a movie, you should work with a copy of the movie, not the original. While editing your movie, you can play back your work at any time. [more…]

How to Delete a File

To delete a file, select it and press the Delete key on your keyboard. When deleting a file, you can also use the Delete command on the Organize toolbar button’s menu. Or, if you can see the Recycle Bin [more…]

Get a Web-Based E-Mail Account

Having a Web-based e-mail account allows you to access your e-mail from any Internet-connected computer. Getting a Web-based e-mail account is easy; many of these accounts are free. [more…]

How to Omit Your E-mail Password

When you are traveling with your laptop, you can make your e-mail more secure by omitting your password. At home or in your office, having Windows remember your Internet and e-mail passwords is handy — [more…]

Understanding What a Computer File Is

When you use your computer to create things, those things are stored in units of information called files. A computer file can be a document you write with your word processor. A computer file can also [more…]

Save Your Edited Movie or Slide Show

When you’ve finished editing your clips, you’ll want to save your edited movie or slide show, and Windows Movie Maker can help. Click the Publish Movie button from Movie Maker’s toolbar. The program offers [more…]

Reduce Spam

Unsolicited e-mails are generally referred to as spam.Windows Mail’s spam filter helps you reduce spam. Unfortunately, you’ll never eliminate these e-mails completely, but you can reduce spam substantially [more…]

How to Delete a File or Folder in Windows Vista

Knowing how to delete files and folders that you no longer need will help you keep your Windows Vista computer from becoming too cluttered. Although most Vista computers have large hard drives, computers [more…]

How to Create a Shortcut to a File or Folder in Windows Vista

Creating a desktop shortcut to a file or folder in Windows Vista eliminates the need to work your way through Windows Explorer. In Vista, a shortcut is an icon that you can double-click that takes you [more…]

How to Compress Files in Windows Vista

Creating a compressed file or folder in Windows Vista is a good way to deal with a collection of files. Compressing your files or folders can have a number of beneficial effects. First, you save disk space [more…]

How to Add a File to Your Favorites List in Windows Vista

You can quickly and simply add a file to your Favorites list in Windows Vista. Most people think of the favorites list as simply Internet links, but you can also add a link to your favorite files, folders [more…]

How to Install a Printer with Windows Vista

Thanks to the Add Printer Wizard, installing a printer with Windows Vista has never been easier. Any printer made in the last five years will be a Plug and Play device, which means that Vista either already [more…]

How to Configure a USB Device with Windows Vista

USB devices (peripherals) include flash drives, printers, routers, scanners, and drafting pens. Most computer peripherals use USB (Universal Serial Bus) technology to connect to the computer. Configuring [more…]

How to Set Up a Dial-Up Modem in Windows Vista

Although dial-up Internet connections aren't as common as they once were, many people still rely on the phone lines to get on the Web. Windows Vista uses a modem to connect with the Internet over the phone [more…]

How to Install a New Monitor with Windows Vista

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your system is to purchase a new monitor for your computer. Installing a new monitor with Windows Vista is easy. You just need to take the proper steps to prepare the [more…]

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