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How to Create Appointments in the Windows Vista Calendar

Creating appointments in Windows Calendar for Windows Vista allows you to keep track of your schedule and to remind yourself of what appointments are coming up. Being able to create, track, and remind [more…]

Cancel a Print Job

In some cases, you need to cancel a print job. Use your printer’s print queue to cancel your print job.

If you send a document to your printer in error, double-click your Printer’s icon [more…]

How to Control the Display of Your Laptop

You can control the way Windows looks as well as how your laptop's monitor is configured. To do this, you need to visit the Personalization icon in the Windows Vista Control Panel or the Display icon in [more…]

Locate a Missing File in Windows Vista

Vista gives you tools with which you can locate a missing file or folder. When you open a folder — or even look at your desktop — you expect to see everything it contains. But when something’s missing [more…]

How to Undelete a File

You can undelete a file if you accidentally deleted it or if you need to otherwise retrieve it. You undelete a file by removing it from the Recycle Bin, which puts it back it in its original location. [more…]

How to Download Software from the Internet

It’s easy to download a file from the Internet. But be careful! Do not randomly download files, and never download a file you did not request. Make sure you only download files from people and organizations [more…]

How to Search for a File in Windows XP

Use the Search function in Windows XP to search for and find a lost file — you can search for a file even if you don't remember its entire name. Windows XP makes it easy to search for a file, which is [more…]

Adjust Your Printer’s Settings

Adjusting your printer’s settings includes choosing paper quality and selecting the pages to print. You adjust your printer’s settings in the Print dialog box. [more…]

How to Open Files in Windows XP

Opening a file is a must if you want to get any work done, and opening a file in any application in Windows XP is a cinch. If you figure out how to open files in one application in Windows XP, you can [more…]

How to Insert Objects into a Windows XP File

You can insert objects, such as graphics or information from other applications, into other files in Windows XP. You might want to insert photos or graphics into presentations, newsletters, or simply to [more…]

How to Launch Windows on Your Laptop for the First Time

When you first turn on a brand-new laptop, Windows goes through some gyrations and prompts you to set up Windows on your computer. You're asked certain questions, such as which time zone you live in and [more…]

Open and Close a Document

You open a document, or file, to make changes to or print the document. When you are finished with your work, you close the document. Follow these steps to open and close a document: [more…]

How to Add Contacts in Your Windows XP Address Book

You can keep track of contacts by adding them to your Windows Address Book in Windows XP. You can enter whatever information you know about your contact, such as e-mail address, mailing address, phone [more…]

Save a Web Page

Because you might need to keep information on a Web page, you can save the page. Saving a Web site page allows you to view it offline, work with its information, and print it, for example. [more…]

How to Resize an Application Window in Windows Vista

The beauty of Windows is, well, the windows. When you want to display the content of more than one window at a time in Windows Vista, you simply need to resize — make bigger or smaller — the windows that [more…]

How to Rename Files or Folders

You can rename any file or folder on your PC. You can rename a file or folder to make it more descriptive, or to give it a name that’s easier for you to find. [more…]

How to Rename a File or Folder in Windows Vista

You may need to rename a file or folder in Windows Vista to better represent the contents of that file or folder. Or you may want to add a date, your initials, or some other kind of identifier to the file [more…]

Parental Controls in Windows Defender for Vista

Parental controls let you dictate what a person can and can’t do on the Internet. To set parental controls in Windows Vista, you must own an Administrator account. The administrator can follow these steps [more…]

Searching for Workbooks in Excel 2007

If you want to open a workbook in Office Excel 2007, but can’t remember the filename or location, you can use the Search feature to find the missing workbook. To use Excel's Search feature, you only need [more…]

The Windows Vista Security Center

The Windows Security Center has been improved in Windows Vista. The Security Center more closely resembles a large panel of On switches than a command post. It lists Windows Vista’s four main defenses, [more…]

How to Close Applications in Windows Vista

Closing the programs that you're not using in Windows Vista frees up system memory, helping Windows Vista to run faster. Too many open programs can make other functions, such as printing, saving, and moving [more…]

How to Change the Date and Time in Windows Vista

Set the date and time so that Windows Vista accurately time stamps your e-mails and files, schedules tasks, and records events. You can change the date and time in Windows Vista by following these few [more…]

How to Format Text in Windows XP

When you format text in Windows XP, you can change the font type, style, size, effects, and color. You can change the look of any document by making some text a different color, bold, and bigger or whatever [more…]

Print a Document in Windows Vista

After crafting your masterpiece, you often want to print your document. Windows Vista offers several ways that you can print your document.

Chances are, you’ll be using these printing methods most often [more…]

Compressing a Folder in NTFS5

Windows XP supports more file systems than any other Microsoft operating system, and each file system has its own set of features and foibles. Choosing the appropriate file system for a given situation [more…]

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