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How to Change Your Screen Resolution in Windows Vista

Change your screen resolution to determine how much information fits on your screen. Changing the resolution either shrinks windows to pack more of them on-screen or it enlarges everything at the expense [more…]

How to Use the Notes Gadget in Windows Vista

The Notes gadget in Windows Vista allows you to create multiple notes and even multiple sets of notes so that you can organize yourself electronically. These steps not only show you how to create notes [more…]

How to Add Applications to the Quick Launch Bar in Windows XP

The Quick Launch bar in Windows XP allows you to open programs quickly, but not all programs you'd like to launch may be located on it. To make sure your most-used and favorite programs can be found on [more…]

How to Send a Document as a Fax in Windows XP

Sending a document as a fax is a speedy and paperless alternative to traditional faxing — printing out your document and faxing it with a fax machine. Faxing a document, complete with a cover page, is [more…]

How to Set Up the Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista

Setting up your Sidebar in Windows Vista allows you to display the Sidebar in a specific location on your computer. Your Sidebar in Windows Vista is a valuable tool that allows you to access specific information [more…]

How to Disconnect the Wireless Connection from Your Laptop

When you want to disconnect your laptop from a wireless connection, you can do so using the hardware or the software. The choice as to how you disconnect your laptop from the wireless connection is yours [more…]

Customize the Windows Vista Taskbar

You customize the taskbar so that you can be more productive. Windows Vista offers many ways to customize the taskbar. The following table explains the customization options and some recommendations for [more…]

The Windows Vista Taskbar

The Windows Vista taskbar keeps track of all your open programs. Although it normally lives along the bottom of your screen, you can move the taskbar to any edge of the screen that you want. To move the [more…]

How to Move a File or Folder in Windows XP

You can move your files and folders in Windows XP. Moving a file or an entire folder (including its contents) allows you to organize your files better or create a more logical structure of files to navigate [more…]

How to Disable the Windows Vista Guest Account on Your Laptop

The Windows Vista Guest account allows anyone to use your laptop. Even considering that the Guest account is highly limited, that's just enough for a data thief to get a foothold and start hacking away [more…]

Clean Up Your Desktop in Windows Vista

You need to clean up your Windows desktop when it becomes too cluttered with icons. You can clean up your desktop by organizing your icons or by changing the size of those icons. [more…]

How to Create a New User in Windows Vista

Even if you're the only one using your computer, you can safeguard your computer by adding another standard user in Windows Vista, which operates as the administrator account. Of course, you may also want [more…]

How to Lock Your PC

Consider locking your computer, rather than logging out. You can lock your computer if you need to go do something else but don’t want to shut everything down, like when you log out. To lock your computer [more…]

How to Make a Dialup Connection on Your Laptop Using Windows Vista

Unlike a broadband connection, which is always on, a dialup connection requires you to dial in to your ISP whenever you want to use it. Before you try making a dialup connection, ensure that your laptop [more…]

How to Log Off of Windows Vista

If someone else is going to use your computer, you don't have to shut down your computer. You just need to log out of your user account so that another user can access his account. Follow these steps to [more…]

How to Create a Text File in NotePad Using Windows XP

Use NotePad for Windows XP to create text files, such as notes for yourself. While NotePad is simple to use, NotePad for Windows XP has only very basic features. So if you want to create a text file that [more…]

Crop Photos with Windows Vista

Vista allows your to easily crop your photos. Cropping a photo entails choosing a portion of an existing photo and turning that portion into the entire photo, omitting the rest of the photo. [more…]

Set Up Passwords in Windows Vista

Set up a password in Windows Vista if you want to make sure that only you can access your user account (or computer). Use the Create Your Password dialog box to set up your password. [more…]

How to Move a File or Folder in Windows Vista

You can move a file or folder in Windows Vista to another location. Moving a file or an entire folder (including its contents) allows you to organize your files or create a more logical structure of folders [more…]

Examining Different Types of Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion detection is defined as real-time monitoring and analysis of network activity and data for potential vulnerabilities and attacks in progress. One major limitation of current intrusion detection [more…]

How to Install Software in Windows XP

If you want to install software in Windows XP, just pop in the software CD. If the installation window appears — as it often does — click Next to run the software and follow the installation prompts. If [more…]

How to Uninstall Programs in Windows XP

Removing applications is generally the same in all versions of Windows. Just follow these steps to uninstall programs you no longer want to use in Windows XP. [more…]

How to Uninstall Programs in Windows Vista

Removing applications is generally the same in all versions of Windows. Just follow these steps to uninstall programs you no longer want to use in Windows Vista. [more…]

How to Switch between Running Applications in Windows Vista

If you need more than one program open at a time, you can quickly switch between those running applications in Windows Vista. The keystroke of genius presented here enables you to quickly and efficiently [more…]

How to Connect Your Laptop to an Unknown SSID in Windows Vista

For security reasons, some wireless networks don’t broadcast their SSIDs. A wireless network not broadcasting its SSID doesn’t show up in your laptop’s list of networks. [more…]


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