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How to Tug on a Windows 8 Title Bar

Found atop nearly every window, the title bar usually lists the program name and the file it's currently working on. For example, the following figure shows the title bars from the Windows 8 WordPad [more…]

Part of the Series: Windows 8: 6 Ways to Navigate the Documents Library Window

Windows 8: Navigate Folders with a Window's Address Bar

Directly beneath every folder's title bar lives the Address Bar, shown atop the Documents library here. Internet Explorer veterans will experience déjà vu: The Windows 8 Address Bar is lifted straight [more…]

Part of the Series: Windows 8: 6 Ways to Navigate the Documents Library Window

Find Commands on the Ribbon in Windows 8

Windows 8 places menus inside a new tab-filled Ribbon that lives atop every folder and library. The Windows 8 desktop has such a plethora of menu items that you'll be glad for the Ribbon and its tidy organization [more…]

Part of the Series: Windows 8: 6 Ways to Navigate the Documents Library Window

Shortcuts with the Windows 8 Navigation Pane

Look at most "real" desktops, and you'll see the most-used items sitting within arm's reach: the coffee cup, the stapler, and perhaps a few crumbs from the coffee room snacks. Similarly, Windows 8 gathers [more…]

Part of the Series: Windows 8: 6 Ways to Navigate the Documents Library Window

How to Add Your Social Accounts to Windows 8

For years, you’ve heard people say, “Never tell anybody your user account name and password.” Now, it seems Windows 8 wants you to break that rule.

When you first open your People, Mail, or Messaging apps [more…]

What’s an ISP, and Why Do You Need One?

Everybody needs three things to connect with the Internet: a computer running Windows 8 or another operating system, web browser software, and an Internet service provider [more…]

The Difference between Windows 8's Two Web Browsers

Windows 8 comes with two web browsers. Adding to the confusion, each bears the name Internet Explorer. Although they look completely different, the Start screen’s browser is really just a stripped-down [more…]

Connect Wirelessly to the Internet with Windows 8

Windows 8 constantly searches for a working Internet connection. If it finds one that you’ve used previously, you’re set: Windows passes the news along to Internet Explorer, and you’re ready to visit the [more…]

Browse Quickly from the Windows 8 Start Screen

Built for quick, on-the-fly browsing, the Windows 8 Start screen’s browser works quickly. Part of its speed comes from its limitations, though. Every site fills the screen, making it easy to read. But [more…]

Internet Explorer Plug-Ins and Windows 8

Programmers create little software tidbits called plug-ins that allow your computer’s web browser (probably Internet Explorer if you're using Windows 8) to display flashy items like Java, Flash, RealPlayer [more…]

Save a Web Page with Internet Explorer and Windows 8

While browsing the Internet with Windows 8 desktop's Internet Explorer browser, you might want to save a web page with indispensable information. Sometimes you can’t resist saving a copy onto your computer [more…]

Save Text and Pictures from the Internet with Windows 8

Internet Explorer is one of two web browsers that come with Windows 8. When you're browsing the Internet, you'll probably run across text and pictures that you want to save to your hard drive. [more…]

Download Programs, Songs, or Other File Types with Windows 8

Internet Explorer, which comes with Windows 8, provides several ways for you to save interesting tidbits of information for your personal use. Sometimes downloading is as easy as clicking a website’s Click [more…]

How to Remove Unneeded Plug-Ins in Internet Explorer

Lots of websites install little programs inside Internet Explorer, one of the browsers that comes with Windows 8, to help you navigate the web or to add features to some websites. Not all of those little [more…]

How to Avoid Phishing Scams in Windows 8

Windows 8 employs several safeguards to thwart phishing scams. There's an entire ugly industry built around phishing, the practice of sending e-mails to unsuspecting victims and tricking them into entering [more…]

How to Encrypt Your PC with Windows 8 BitLocker

The Windows 8 BitLocker feature scrambles the contents of your PC’s hard drive. Then it quickly unscrambles it whenever you enter your user account’s password. Why bother? It’s a precaution against your [more…]

How to Remove Social Accounts from Windows 8

If your Windows 8 People app’s a little crowded with the 2,835 people you follow on Twitter, you can remove them. In fact, you can remove any or all of the social accounts that you’ve added to Windows [more…]

How to Add Contacts to the Windows 8 People App

Although the Windows 8 People app loves to reach its fingers into any online crevice you toss its way, you can easily add people the old-fashioned way, typing them in by hand. [more…]

Delete or Edit Contacts in the Windows 8 People App

It’s easy to delete or edit a contact in the Windows 8 People app. If someone has fallen from your social graces or just changed their phone number, you can make edits by following these steps: [more…]

Manage Appointments in Windows 8 Calendar App

When you start working with Windows 8 and enter your social networking accounts, such as Facebook and Google, you’ve already stocked the Windows 8 Calendar app with appointments entered by both you and [more…]

How to Add Appointments to the Windows 8 Calendar App

The Windows 8 Calendar app grabs whatever appointments it can find from your online social networks. But you can still add or edit appointments manually when needed. [more…]

How to Chat through the Windows 8 Messaging App

The Windows 8 Messaging app handles both heartfelt conversations and idle chatter. And even if your online friends use different messaging services and programs, Windows Messaging can swap messages with [more…]

How to Avoid Viruses with Windows Defender

To combat the threat posed by viruses, Windows 8 includes a new version of Windows Defender that incorporates Microsoft Security Essentials, a security and antivirus program Microsoft formerly offered [more…]

How to Avoid Evil Add-Ons and Hijackers in Windows 8

Windows 8 packs several guns to combat add-ons that spy on your activities, bombard your screen with additional ads, or redirect your home page to another site. First, if any site tries to place a program [more…]

Internet Explorer 10: Using Search Engines to Find Things

To help you find what you're looking for on the Internet, use Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), which comes on the Windows 8 desktop. IE 10 is a search engine [more…]

Part of the Series: Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10: 4 Ways to Navigate the Web

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