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See Hidden Information about Files and Folders in Windows 8

Whenever you create a file or folder, Windows 8 scrawls a bunch of secret hidden information on it: the date you created it, its size, and even more trivial stuff. Sometimes it even lets you add your own [more…]

How to Add Windows 8 Start Screen Items

You’ll probably want to spend time adding items to the Windows 8 Start screen, and here’s why: It’s easy to escape the Start screen by clicking the Desktop app. But once you’re safely on the desktop, how [more…]

Finding Functions at the Edge of the Windows 8 Screen

The Windows 8 Start screen provides access to your apps (programs). Select a tile (square or rectangle) to start an app. Live tiles display current information, such as DOW [more…]

New in Windows 8 — for XP and Windows 7 Users

If you've used Windows 7 or XP, you'll be up to speed with Windows 8 in no time. Most of the functions you are accustomed to are still available. Keep an eye out for the following changes from earlier [more…]

Touching the Windows 8 Screen

A touchscreen, as the name says, enables you to touch the screen to tell your computer what to do. Not sure whether you have a touchscreen? When you have Windows 8 running, give the screen a poke with [more…]

Windows 8 For Seniors For Dummies Cheat Sheet

New to Windows 8? You can quickly take charge of the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system by knowing how to interact with a touchscreen or mouse and how to use the Start screen and functions available [more…]

Four Tips for Navigating the Windows 8 Start Screen and Desktop Interfaces

If you’ve ever used Windows (like, oh, a billion other people on the planet), you’ll be confused by Windows 8’s Jekyll and Hyde interface. On the one hand, Dr. Jekyll’s old-fashioned desktop looks and [more…]

Top Tasks for New Windows 8 Users

Like most new software, Windows 8 comes with a few administrative tasks you should do before using it. If you just upgraded to Windows 8, here’s what you need to do, like, pronto: [more…]

Customizing Windows 8 to Work Your Way

Windows 8 has lots and lots (and lots and lots) of options. Remember that there’s always at least a dozen ways to skin whatever cat may come calling. The following is a highlights reel of Windows 8 customizations [more…]

Windows 8 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you have a new computer or tablet that runs Windows 8, you know Windows 8 is nothing like the Windows of yore, at least not at first glance. Whether you have a touch screen or use the traditional keyboard [more…]

How to Navigate the Windows 8 Store

Although desktop programs and Start screen apps look and behave differently, Microsoft unfortunately refers to both as appsin Windows 8. You’ll run across this terminology quirk when dealing with older [more…]

How to Customize the Windows 8 Start Screen

The Windows 8 Start screen grows longer and longer as you add more items. Give yourself a fighting chance by organizing your Start screen. The following steps begin with a small dose of organization: purging [more…]

Copy or Move Files and Folders in Windows 8

To copy or move files to different folders in Windows 8 on your hard drive, it’s sometimes easiest to use your mouse to drag them there. For example, here’s how to move a file to a different folder on [more…]

Buy the Right CDs and DVDs for Burning with Windows 8

If your PC has two CD or DVD burners, tell Windows 8 which drive you want to handle your disc-burning chores: Right-click the drive, choose Properties, and click the Recording tab. Then choose your favorite [more…]

How to Copy Files to CDs or DVDs with Windows 8

If you just want to copy files to a CD or DVD from Windows 8, perhaps to save as a backup or to give to a friend, follow these steps to write files to a new, blank CD or DVD. [more…]

How to Access Your Windows 8 Files with SkyDrive

You can access your Windows 8 files from anywherewith Microsoft’s SkyDrive app. Basically, it’s your own private storage space on the Internet where you can dump your files and then retrieve them whenever [more…]

How to Start a Program or App in Windows 8

Windows 8 banished the Start button from its oft-clicked spot on the desktop’s bottom-left corner. Microsoft prefers to say, however, that it has expanded [more…]

How to Open a Document in Windows 8

Like Tupperware, Windows 8 is a big fan of standardization. Programs and apps are your tools: Load a program or app, and you can add numbers, arrange words, and shoot spaceships. [more…]

How to Save Documents in Windows 8 Programs

Thanks to Microsoft snapping leather whips, a Save command appears in every Windows 8 program, no matter what programmer wrote it. Saving means to send the work you’ve just created to a hard drive, flash [more…]

Choose Which Windows 8 Program Should Open Which File

Most of the time, Windows 8 automatically knows which program should open which file. Double-click a file, and Windows tells the correct program to jump in and let you view its contents. [more…]

Add New Apps from the Windows 8 Store App

When you’re tired of the apps bundled with Windows 8 or you need a new app to fill a special need, follow these steps to bring one into your computer. [more…]

Take the Lazy Way in Windows 8 with Desktop Shortcuts

Windows 8 tries to keep the Start screen and the desktop in two separate worlds, but you’ll constantly find yourself jumping between them. When you grow tired of meandering through the woods to find a [more…]

How to Access SkyDrive from the Windows 8 Desktop

The Windows 8 SkyDrive app makes it fairly easy to open files you've already uploaded to the cloud, but it offers little control. If the Windows 8 Start screen's SkyDrive app is too simple for your needs [more…]

Windows 8 Touch and Mouse Commands

Windows 8 brings users into a new era of touchscreens, whether they're built into tablets, laptops, or even desktop monitors. When faced with a touchscreen device, these commands will help you maneuver [more…]

Five Big Changes in Windows 8

Windows 8 looks and behaves much differently from previous versions of Windows. Remember these five big changes, and you'll be well prepared for Windows 8. [more…]


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