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What To Do If You Forget Your Password in Windows 8

When Windows 8 won’t accept your password at the Sign In screen, you may not be hopelessly locked out of your own computer. Check all these things before letting loose with a scream: [more…]

What To Do When Your Windows 8 Computer Is Frozen

Every once in a while, Windows 8 just drops the ball and wanders off somewhere to sit under a tree. You’re left looking at a computer that just looks back. None of the computer’s lights blink. Panicked [more…]

Seven Common Windows 8 Error Messages

Windows 8 error messages rarely describe what you did to cause the event or, even worse, how to fix the problem. Following are some of the most common Windows 8 error messages, notifications, and just [more…]

Six Less Common Windows 8 Error Messages

Here are some of the less common Windows 8 error messages and notifications that you might encounter. If one of these messages matches what you’re experiencing, read how to resolve the problem. [more…]

Ways to Move Information from Your Old PC to Windows 8

Windows 8's Easy Transfer offers three different ways to copy your old PC’s information into your new PC. Each method works at a different level of speed and difficulty. Here are the contenders: [more…]

Transfer Information between Two PCs with Windows 8

Windows 8's Easy Transfer works in just a few short steps or a lengthy series of leaps, depending on the method you choose to pipe your old PC’s information into your new PC: cable, network, or portable [more…]

Pick and Choose Windows 8 Files, Folders, and Accounts to Transfer

No matter what route you choose to transfer your files to Windows 8, you’ll eventually face the window similar to the one shown here, along with the program’s stern demand: Choose What to Transfer. [more…]

Consult a Windows 8 Program’s Built-In Help

Almost every Windows 8 program includes its own Help system. To summon a program’s built-in computer guru, press F1, choose Help from the menu, or click the little blue question mark icon. [more…]

Find the Information You Need in Windows 8 Help and Support

When you don’t know where else to start, fire up Windows 8 Help and Support and begin digging at the top. To summon the program from the Start screen, type the word [more…]

Restore Backups with Windows 8 File History

The new Windows 8 backup program, File History, emphasizes saving your own data, not your apps and programs. After all, apps and programs can always be reinstalled. But many of the moments that inspired [more…]

What to Do If Your Program Freezes in Windows 8

Eventually, one of your programs in Windows 8 will freeze up solid, leaving you no way to reach its normal Close command. Should you find yourself facing this icy terrain, these four steps will extricate [more…]

Downloading and Installing XBMC Media Player in Windows 8

You have several different options for playing DVDs and other media files in Windows 8. One of these options, XBMC, offers some unique features such as a weather forecast feature and audio visualizations [more…]

Playing DVDs in Windows 8 with XBMC

Windows 8 PC's can do a lot more than browse the Internet and respond to e-mails. Watching DVD movies and listening to music are just a couple of the fun things that you can do with your Windows 8 PC. [more…]

Understanding the Media Options in Windows 8

If you've used Windows for a while, you might be in for a little surprise when you begin using Windows 8. Along with many other features that have been around for some time, the media options in Windows [more…]

How to Care for Your Windows 8 Tablet

Whether you use Windows 8 on your tablet or not, maintain your tablet to keep it in good working order. A tablet should last several years if you keep these pointers in mind: [more…]

Using the Windows 8 Charms Bar on a Tablet

The Charms bar, an icon-filled strip that appears along the screen's right edge, works everywhere on your Windows 8 tablet, whether you're working on the Start screen, inside an app, or on the traditional [more…]

Navigating Windows 8 Apps on a Tablet

The Windows 8 Start screen on your tablet serves up a smorgasbord of apps, each built to handle a specific task. But no matter how much the apps differ, each one shares the same basic commands. These tips [more…]

Using Touchscreen Commands in Windows 8 for Tablets

The touchscreen commands (or gestures) you use for Windows 8 on a tablet are no different than gestures you'd use in other operating systems. And, your fingers can work just as efficiently as a mouse and [more…]

Windows 8 For Tablets For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To get the most out of your tablet running Windows 8, you'll want to learn to work with the Charms bar, navigate among apps, use touchscreen commands, and care for your tablet: [more…]

How to Customize the Start Screen Background and Color

The default Windows 8 Start screen background is nice enough, but is it really you? Because you spend so much time on the Start screen, you may want to personalize it with your own design. To change the [more…]

How to Turn the Windows 8 Firewall On and Off

After you've established your Internet connection, enabling the built-in firewall in Windows 8 can be your first (and best) line of defense against viruses and other malware. You can easily turn the Windows [more…]

Windows 8 Maintenance Checklist

Stick to this recommended maintenance schedule for your PC and you'll help keep Windows 8 and your hardware running like a race car! Print the checklist and display it somewhere near your system as a reminder [more…]

Guide to Common File Formats

You'll encounter these digital media and archival file formats everywhere on the web and on your PC, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with their use and which applications will load them. [more…]

Windows 8 Windows-Key Shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate through Windows 8 using the Windows logo key. You'll find the keyboard an efficient alternative to your mouse. [more…]

Copy or Move Files or Folders on Your Windows 8 Tablet

Selecting items on the desktop of your Windows 8 table with your fingers can consume a lot of time. But once you’ve selected them, it’s fairly easy to copy or move them to a new location by following these [more…]

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