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How to Use the Problem Steps Recorder in Windows 7

Windows 7 includes a fabulous new feature that is sure to help anyone needing tech support — the Problem Steps Recorder (PSR). Once you know how to use the Problem Steps Recorder in Windows 7, you’ll be [more…]

How to Install a Local Printer in Windows 7

Windows 7's Device Stage makes the process of installing a local printer incredibly easy. (Most of the time.) Windows 7 does most of the work for you, from recognizing the printer to installing any necessary [more…]

How to Add Windows Home Server Shared Folders to a Windows 7 Library

Windows Home Server is a wonderful tool for managing your files over a network. But where you'll really see the power of WHS is when you add the Windows Home Server shared folders to your Windows 7 libraries [more…]

How to Trim a Video Clip in Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker lets you trim individual clips — remove pieces at the beginning or end of the clip to make it shorter. Trimming a clip in Windows Live Movie Maker allows you to use just the best [more…]

How to Change a Network Type in Windows 7

When you connect to a network, the main question that Windows asks is whether you’re connecting to a home, work, or public network? Windows uses the information to determine how secure your system needs [more…]

How to Modify Windows 7's Text to Speech Settings

If you use Windows’ handy Text to Speech feature with Excel (or any other program), you can modify two different settings: the voice you hear and the speed at which it reads. You can use Windows’ Text [more…]

How to Add Visual Effects to a Video Using Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker makes it easy to create a simple movie. You can jazz up your movie in WLMM by adding visual effects and transitions between clips with WLMM's Visual Effects options. [more…]

How to Safely Remove Hardware in Windows 7

Before you can disconnect a device from your Windows 7 computer, you must first prepare Windows for the change using the Safely Remove Hardware feature. When you click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in [more…]

Using the Ease of Access Features in Windows 7

Windows 7 contains several features that help people with different levels of physical impairment use Windows. For example, you can use the Ease of Access features to improve the display for the visually [more…]

How to Install the Windows Live Essentials Pack

Most people will want to install the Windows Live Essentials Pack. The Windows Live Essentials Pack is a group of applications that Microsoft offers as a free add-on to Windows 7. Windows Live Essentials [more…]

How to Restore the Quick Launch Toolbar to the Taskbar in Windows 7

One of the biggest changes you'll see in Windows 7 is in the taskbar. The old Quick Launch Toolbar is missing! However, if you don't like the change, you can restore the Quick launch Toolbar to the taskbar [more…]

How to Fine Tune the ClearType Text Display in Windows 7

ClearType improves legibility of text on an LCD display. Nearly every monitor made today is improved with the use of ClearType, but you can often make the display even better if you take the time to fine-tune [more…]

How to Back Up Documents and Photos in Windows 7

If your computer is stolen, lost, or destroyed, you can replace it, but your data files will be lost — unless you’ve taken the time to back up your documents and photos. Any computer can have problems [more…]

How to Create a Personal Information Card with Windows CardSpace

Windows 7 includes a new security feature called Windows CardSpace that lets you create a personal information card. CardSpace cards are like digital identity cards that contain personal logon information [more…]

How to Choose Between 32-Bit and 64-Bit Versions of Windows 7

Windows 7 Home Premium is available in both a 32-bit model and a 64-bit model. Although both types of Windows 7 look and act the same on the surface, the way they work is quite different. How do you choose [more…]

How to Use Easy Transfer in Windows 7

You can use the Window7 Easy Transfer feature to send files from one computer to another or even to send files to an external hard drive. This feature makes changing to a new computer a breeze. [more…]

How to Navigate Windows 7 with Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is the main tool that you use to interact with Windows 7. You’ll need to use the Windows Explorer to view your libraries, files, and folders. You can access Windows Explorer by clicking [more…]

How to Customize Windows 7's Documents Library

Windows 7 brings a powerful new feature to the table: libraries. Libraries are a way to pull related bits of information together from many different folders. You can pull together the documents in ten [more…]

How to Create a Panoramic Photo in Windows Live Photo Gallery

Have you ever taken a series of shots, side by side, trying to convey the vastness of a scene? Why show a series of little shots when you can create one big one? You can use Windows 7 Live Photo Gallery [more…]

How to Set Up Multiple Monitors with Windows 7

Windows 7 makes working with multiple monitors easier than ever. Although previous versions of Windows will allow you to use multiple monitors, Windows 7 allows you to really control the display by changing [more…]

Defragmenting a Hard Drive in Windows 7

Defragmenting a hard drive with Windows 7 is simpler than ever — in fact, you don’t need to do a thing . . . sort of. By default, Windows 7 automatically schedules a disk defragmentation session to run [more…]

How to Schedule Multiple Drive Defragmentations in Windows 7

Windows 7 automatically defragments your primary hard drive every week. Although that’s great, if you have multiple hard drives (which many people do these days), you need to know how to schedule a drive [more…]

How to Keep Your Drivers Updated in Windows 7

The only way to ensure that you have the best driver for your hardware is to check the driver version number and compare that with information on the manufacturer’s Web site. Just because you’ve upgraded [more…]

How to Set Up Windows 7 for Bluetooth

You can use the Device Stage to set up a Windows 7 computer for Bluetooth to send information to and from your Windows 7 computer. Using Bluetooth, you can send information, music, and videos directly [more…]

How to Stop a Runaway Print Job in Windows 7

We’ve all been there: You send a document to the printer, and as it begins printing, you realize that you’re accidentally printing a zillion pages you don’t want. How do you stop a runaway print job and [more…]

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