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How to Upgrade a Graphics Card on a Windows 7 Desktop PC

Having a decent graphics card is a big deal on a Windows 7 computer. If you’re upgrading an older desktop PC to Windows 7, you might want to take the time to upgrade the graphics card, too. Although digging [more…]

How to Set Up Speech Recognition in Windows 7

The Speech Recognition feature in Windows 7 allows you to input data into a document using speech rather than a keyboard or a mouse. The Speech Recognition feature has been around for a while now, but [more…]

How to Search for a File or Folder from the Windows 7 Start Menu

Although you can open a separate Search window, one of the easiest ways to search for files and folders in Windows 7 is to search straight from the Start menu. Fortunately, Windows 7 has made massive improvements [more…]

How to Allow Programs through the Windows 7 Firewall

One of the security features that Microsoft provides to keep your information private is the Windows 7 Firewall. To get the most out of the firewall, you need to tell Windows 7 to allow certain trusted [more…]

How to Revert to a Previous Version of a Driver in Windows 7

Windows 7 has several features that help you diagnose and treat the sickest hardware. One of the best features to use when your hardware goes haywire is to revert back to a previous version of the driver [more…]

How to Repair a Network Connection in Windows 7

Windows 7 is designed for networking and working with the Internet, so when your network connection isn’t working, it can be particularly frustrating. Fortunately, Windows 7 comes with a built-in troubleshooter [more…]

How to Use Content Advisor in Internet Explorer 8

The Internet can be a dangerous place — particularly for minors. You can use the Content Advisor in Internet Explorer 8 to protect kids (or anyone else) from inadvertently stumbling across something you [more…]

How to View RSS Feeds in Internet Explorer 8

RSS Feeds is an Internet Explorer 8 feature you can use to view the latest news updates to sites you monitor. Many kinds of Web sites are updated daily weekly, and news sites update headlines as soon as [more…]

How to View Incoming E-Mail Messages Online in Windows Live Mail

Although you’ve probably sent e-mail before, you might not be familiar with the ins and outs of using Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail allows you to receive your e-mail messages from any computer that’s [more…]

Changing What Happens When You Close the Lid on a Windows 7 Laptop

Closing the laptop’s lid means that you’re through working, but for how long? Are you done for the day, or are you coming back after lunch. Windows 7 lets you control exactly what happens when you close [more…]

Exploring Windows 7's Help and Support Options

When you know you need help, but you're not sure what the best kind of help is, try exploring Windows 7's Help and Support Center. For Windows 7, Microsoft has expanded the Help and Support Center coverage [more…]

How to Import Images from a Camera Using Windows 7

Not only has Windows 7 changed its photo viewing and organizing features, it has also changed the way you import images from a camera. Now when you transfer images from your camera, Windows asks you to [more…]

How to Adjust Photos Using Windows Live Photo Gallery

You can automatically adjust photos using Windows Live Photo Gallery with Windows 7. Windows 7’s free Windows Live Photo Gallery feature allows you to fix such common mistakes as tilted horizons, red eyes [more…]

How to Create Digital Movies in Windows 7 Using Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows 7 dumped the handy movie-editing program that came with Windows XP and Windows Vista; however, you can still create digital movies using the Windows Live Essentials pack. [more…]

Getting to Know the Windows 7 Start Menu

As with Windows Vista and Windows XP, the blue Start button in the bottom-left corner can lead you to just about anywhere on a PC. Although the Windows 7 Start Menu is similar to previous versions, there [more…]

Running Automatic Malware Scans in Windows 7 with Windows Defender

In Windows 7, one of the best tools for avoiding and removing spyware and viruses from your PC is Windows Defender. However, Microsoft made the Windows Defender program a bit harder to find in Windows [more…]

How to Add a Windows 7 PC to an Older Network

If any of the computers in your house or small office use Windows XP or Vista, you have to change some settings in order for these older PCs recognize your Windows 7 PCs on a network. In order to get all [more…]

How to Add a Tag to a Digital Image in the Windows 7 Photo Viewer

Trying to find one specific image can be a long and daunting task when faced with the thousands of photos in your Pictures Library. Tags are Microsoft’s tool for helping you keep track of what’s in your [more…]

How to Check Your Computer’s Security Status in Windows 7

Windows Vista was known for its bugs and security glitches. Consequently, Microsoft spent a lot of time and effort trying to ensure that Windows 7 had a higher level of security. The best way to check [more…]

How to Create a System Restore Point in Windows 7

Creating a System Restore Point in Windows 7 is a quick way to protect yourself from system crashes. System Restore Points are a kind of insurance policy. The System Restore feature creates a record of [more…]

How to Change Windows 7's Speech Recognition Settings

Windows 7 incorporates a lot of changes and improvements to the Speech Recognition feature. To get the most out of Speech Recognition in Windows 7, you’ll want to change its settings to suit your needs [more…]

How to Use the Games Explorer in Windows 7

Admit it; you like to play games on your computer just as much as the next guy. One of the easiest ways to access your favorite Windows games is to use the Games Explorer in Windows 7. The Windows 7 Games [more…]

How to Play Internet Backgammon in Windows 7

Most of the games included in Windows 7 are based on well-known card games or board games. One of the newest Microsoft games is Internet Backgammon. When you play Internet Backgammon in Windows 7, you’re [more…]

How to Add a Toolbar to the Windows 7 Taskbar

One of the ways you can make Windows 7 work for you is by adding toolbars to the taskbar along the bottom of the desktop. The new and improved taskbar is one of the biggest changes in Windows 7; it's your [more…]

How to Change the Way the Power Button Behaves in Windows 7

Normally, a press of a PC’s power button turns off the computer, whether or not Windows 7 is ready. To avoid confusing Windows 7 with an unexpected shutdown, consider changing the way your power button [more…]

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