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How to Add an Automatic Page Number in Word 2013

Word 2013 can not only automatically number your pages, but it also lets you place the page number just about anywhere on the page and in a variety of fun and interesting formats. Start your page numbering [more…]

How to Start Your Document with a Different Page Number in Word 2013

We know that the first page of a document is page 1, but Word 2013 doesn't care. It lets you start numbering your document at whichever page number you want. You may need to start with a page number other [more…]

How to Add a Cover Page in Word 2013

Word 2013 allows you the option of a cover page to make your document more presentable. The sneakiest and quickest way to slap down a cover page is to use Word’s Cover Page command. Here's how it works [more…]

How to Manually Make a Cover Page in Word 2013

The Cover Page command in Word 2013 is quick, but you may not like any of the design options. In this case, you can create your own cover page, spiffing it up with formatting commands, graphics, artwork [more…]

How to Set Page Margins in Word 2013

Word 2013 provides several easy-to-use margin presets. You can also individually specify the margins for each side of the page if you prefer.

The margins [more…]

How to Set Paper Size and Orientation in Word 2013

A Word 2013 document’s orientation can be either portrait or landscape. Portrait is a standard page in which the tall part of the paper runs along the left and right sides. [more…]

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