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How to Create a Basic Tabbed List in Word 2010

In any word processor, including Word 2010, the left tab stop is the traditional type of tab stop. When writing in Word, if you press the Tab key, the insertion pointer advances to the left tab stop, where [more…]

How to Create a Two-Tab Paragraph in Word 2010

You can use tabs in a Word 2010 document to form an item list in which the paragraph text remains in the rightmost column. Creating a Word two-tab paragraph combines both paragraph- and tab-formatting [more…]

How to Use the Center Tab Stop in Word 2010

Word 2010's center tab is a unique critter, and it has a special purpose: Text placed at a center tab is centered on a line. You can use the center tab for header or footer information [more…]

How to Make a Right-Stop, Left-Stop List in Word 2010

You use a righ tab in Word 2010 to right-justify text at a tab stop, allowing a single line of text to contain both right- and left-justified text. You've probably seen, but not recognized, examples of [more…]

How to Build a Two-Column Right-Stop List in Word 2010

A Word 2010 right tab may seem useless until you've seen one in action. If you want to create a two-column right-stop list in Word, you need to use the right tab. You commonly find these kinds of lists [more…]

How to Work with Word 2010's Decimal Tab

You can use the decimal tab in Word 2010 to line up columns of numbers. Although you can use a right tab to do this job, the decimal tab is a better choice. Rather than right-align text, as the right tab [more…]

How to Set a Leader Tab in Word 2010

Using the Tabs dialog box in Word 2010 to set tab stops is the left-brain method. And you can set a leader tab only in the Tabs dialog box (the Ruler doesn't offer this option). A leader tab produces a [more…]

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