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How to Mark Up Excel 2013 Worksheets with Digital Ink

If you’re running Excel 2013 with a computer connected to a digital tablet or on a touchscreen, you can mark up your worksheets with digital ink. Excel 2013 running on a computer equipped with a digital [more…]

Share Excel 2013 Workbooks Saved on Your SkyDrive

Excel 2013 makes it easy to share your spreadsheets with trusted clients and co-workers. If you save your workbook files in the cloud on your SkyDrive, you can easily share their worksheets by inviting [more…]

How to Embed and Link Data from Excel 2013 into Word 2013

Of all the Office 2013 programs (besides Excel 2013), Microsoft Word 2013 is the one that you are most apt to use. From time to time, you may need to bring some worksheet data or charts that you’ve created [more…]

How to Turn on Change Tracking in Excel 2013 Workbooks

One way you can share a workbook is by turning on change tracking. When you do this, Excel tracks all changes you make to the contents of the cells in the shared workbook by highlighting their cells and [more…]


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