Troubleshooting Excel 2007 Formulas

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How to Display All Formulas in an Excel 2007 Worksheet

In Excel 2007, it can be difficult to view your formulas without accidentally editing them. That’s because anytime you are in “edit” mode and the active cell has a formula, the formula might incorporate [more…]

Understanding Excel 2007's Formula Error Values

If Excel 2007 can’t properly calculate a formula that you enter in a cell, the program displays an error value in the cell as soon as you complete the formula entry. Excel uses several error values, all [more…]

Fixing Broken Formula Links in Excel 2007

Formulas in Excel 2007 can reference external workbooks. Links become broken when external workbooks are moved, deleted, or renamed. When a workbook that contains an external reference is opened but cannot [more…]

Understanding Excel 2007's Formula Auditing Tools

Excel 2007 offers some effective formula-auditing tools for tracking down the cell that’s causing your error woes by tracing the relationships between the formulas in the cells of your worksheet. By tracing [more…]

Tracing Precedents and Dependents in Excel 2007 Formulas

Excel 2007 formulas may contain precedents and may serve as dependents to other formulas. Precedents are cells or ranges that affect the active cell’s value. [more…]

Avoiding Circular References in Excel 2007 Formulas

A circular reference occurs when a cell in an Excel 2007 worksheet refers to itself, whether directly or indirectly. For example, if =100+A2 is entered into cell A2, then a direct circular reference has [more…]

Evaluating and Checking Errors in Excel 2007

The Evaluate Formula dialog box in Excel 2007 walks you through the steps used in calculating a result from a formula. This helps locate errors in formulas that are long, or have precedents. For example [more…]

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