Formatting in Excel 2007

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Finding the Formatting Toolbar Button Equivalents in Excel 2007

Finding the Excel 2007 Ribbon equivalents for the buttons that were on the Formatting toolbar in earlier versions of Excel is easy. Each button on the Formatting toolbar is prominently displayed on the [more…]

Renaming an Excel 2007 Worksheet

The sheet names that Excel 2007 uses for the tabs in a workbook (Sheet1 through Sheet3) are not very descriptive. Luckily, you can easily rename a worksheet tab to whatever helps you remember what you [more…]

How to Add Data Visualizations in Excel 2007

In Excel 2007, you can instantly apply data visualizations to cells by using data bars, color scales, and icon sets that help you quickly understand data variations in your tables. Excel provides several [more…]

Displaying Numbers in Excel 2007 as Currency

Many Excel 2007 worksheets include financial data, so you’ll likely use either the Currency or Accounting number formats when working with this data. You can easily assign these formats to selected cells [more…]

Using Excel 2007’s Cell Comment Feature

You can add a cell comment — an electronic version of a sticky note — to any cell in an Excel 2007 worksheet. Comments allow those reviewing a worksheet to provide instruction, for example, noting how [more…]

Formatting Dates in Excel 2007

Excel 2007 provides several different formats in which to display dates and times in a worksheet. Some date formats appear automatically based on how you type a date entry in a cell. For example, if you [more…]

Copying Excel 2007 Formatting with Format Painter

Use the Format Painter button on the Home tab of the Excel 2007 Ribbon to save time when copying formatting between cells in your worksheets. You also can use Format Painter to quickly copy the width of [more…]

Applying a Design Theme to an Excel 2007 Workbook

With themes, Excel 2007 introduces a whole new way to uniformly format all the text and graphics in a worksheet. You can do this by simply clicking the thumbnail of the new theme you want to use in the [more…]

Getting to Know Excel 2007’s Data Types

In Microsoft Office Excel 2007, the worksheet consists of a grid of columns and rows that form cells. You enter three types of data in cells: labels, values, and formulas. [more…]

Using Excel 2007’s Special Number Formats

Excel 2007 includes a nifty number format category called Special that contains four formats: Zip Code, Zip Code + 4, Phone Number, and Social Security Number. These Special number formats, described below [more…]

Formatting Fonts in Excel 2007

Excel 2007 includes several ways to apply formatting to the fonts in your worksheets. You can change the font face, font size, and font color using the commands in the Font group on the Home tab. [more…]

Previewing Excel 2007 Formatting with Live Preview

Excel 2007 includes the Live Preview feature, which enables you to see how a new font, font size, table style, or cell style would look on your selected data before you actually apply it. This feature [more…]


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