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Deleting Cells and Data in Excel 2007

In Microsoft Office Excel 2007, when you need to delete data, remove formatting in a cell selection, or remove entire cells, rows, or columns, you have many options depending on your objective. Excel can [more…]

Using Drag and Drop in Excel 2007

Drag and drop is a mouse technique that you can use in Office Excel 2007 to pick up a cell selection and drop it into a new place on the worksheet. Although drag and drop is primarily a technique for moving [more…]

Advanced Find and Replace in Excel 2007

In addition to performing a basic find and replace operation in Microsoft Office Excel 2007, you can use advanced search options (in the expanded Find and Replace dialog box) to carry out a more detailed [more…]

Modifying and Pivoting Fields in an Excel 2007 Pivot Table

Pivot tables are much more dynamic than standard Excel 2007 tables because they are so easy to manipulate and modify. Excel makes it just as easy to change which fields from the original data source are [more…]

Applying a Table Style to an Excel 2007 Table

In Excel 2007, you can apply a predefined table format to a data table. The Format as Table feature displays an extensive Table gallery with the formatting thumbnails divided into three sections — Light [more…]

Playing What-If with Excel 2007’s Data Tables

With Excel 2007’s data tables, you enter a series of possible values that Excel plugs into a single formula so you can perform what-if analysis on the data. What-if analysis enables you to explore the [more…]

Creating Custom AutoFilters for Numbers in Excel 2007

Use the Custom AutoFilter dialog box in Excel 2007 to locate records that either match all criteria or meet one or the other criteria. You can use this method when you want to filter data based on a range [more…]

How to Find Records in an Excel 2007 Table

When you work with Excel 2007 tables, you can use keystrokes or a data form to move through table records until you find the one you want to edit or delete. In larger tables, you can use search criteria [more…]

Filtering by Date in an Excel 2007 Table

If your Excel 2007 table includes columns with dates or times, you can filter the table to display a subset of the data with the dates or times you specify. The rows that do not match the criteria you [more…]

Using (or Disabling) Excel 2007's AutoComplete Feature

The AutoComplete feature in Office Excel 2007 anticipates what you might want to enter next based upon text you just entered, thus reducing errors and speeding up your work. AutoComplete comes into play [more…]

How to Check Your Spelling in Excel 2007

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 includes a built-in spell checker that can catch and get rid of spelling errors and typos in your worksheets. Excel 2007's spell checker normally looks for misspellings only [more…]

Speeding Data Entry with Excel 2007's AutoFill Feature

Use the AutoFill feature in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to quickly create a series of entries based on the data you enter in one or two cells. Excel 2007's AutoFill works with days of the week, months [more…]

Transposing Data in Excel 2007

While creating a Microsoft Office Excel 2007 worksheet, you may decide to change the data structure so that the row headings appear as column headings, or vice versa. Excel 2007 provides the Transpose [more…]

Evaluating Scenarios with Excel 2007’s Scenario Manager

Excel 2007’s Scenario Manager lets you create and save sets of different input values that produce different calculated results as named scenarios (such as Best Case, Worst Case, and Most Likely Case). [more…]

Finding and Replacing Data in Excel 2007

Excel 2007's Find and Replace feature can be a powerful tool. Use Find and Replace to locate — and optionally replace — text or values in a worksheet. You can narrow the search results by specifying formatting [more…]

Filtering by Color in an Excel 2007 Table

If you’ve applied color to fonts or cells in an Excel 2007 table, you can filter the table to display a subset of the data with the colors you specify. The rows that do not match the criteria you specify [more…]

Filtering Records in an Excel 2007 Table with AutoFilter

Use the AutoFilter feature in Excel 2007 to hide everything in a table except the records you want to view. Filtering displays a subset of a table, providing you with an easy way to break down your data [more…]

Adding the Excel Camera Tool to the Quick Access Toolbar

The Excel Camera tool enables you to take a live picture of a range of cells that updates dynamically while the data in that range updates. Although Microsoft doesn't include the Excel Camera tool in the [more…]

Automatically Fix Typos and Add Text with Excel 2007's AutoCorrect Feature

Excel 2007's AutoCorrect feature already knows to automatically fix two initial capital letters in an entry, to capitalize the names of the days of the week, and to replace a set number of text entries [more…]

How to Add Data Visualizations in Excel 2007

In Excel 2007, you can instantly apply data visualizations to cells by using data bars, color scales, and icon sets that help you quickly understand data variations in your tables. Excel provides several [more…]

Editing Records in an Excel 2007 Table

As you work with Excel 2007 tables, you will often find the need to edit or delete records and perform routine maintenance on the table. You can edit the records manually in the worksheet or use a data [more…]

Using the Clipboard Task Pane in Excel 2007

The Office Clipboard can store multiple cuts and copies from any Office program running under Windows, not just Excel 2007. In Excel, this means that you can continue to paste stuff from the Office Clipboard [more…]

Tips and Tricks for Entering Data in Excel 2007

When you're ready to enter data to a worksheet in a Microsoft Excel 2007 workbook, there are a few simple guidelines (a kind of data-entry etiquette) that you should keep in mind: [more…]

How to Use Custom Lists with Excel 2007's AutoFill Feature

In Excel 2007, you can create a custom series of names, locations, or other items that you use frequently and then use the AutoFill handle to automatically fill these list items in order in a workbook. [more…]

Using Undo and Redo in Excel 2007

The Undo feature in Office Excel 2007 can quickly correct mistakes that you make in a worksheet. The Redo button lets you "undo the undo." The Undo button appears next to the Save button on the Quick Access [more…]


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