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Working with Templates in Office 2011 for Mac

Templates are documents, workbooks, or presentations that are used in Office 2011 for Mac as starting points to build new files upon. When you save a file as a template, it becomes available in the templates [more…]

How to Save as a Template in Office 2011 for Mac

When you open a template in an Office 2011 application, a copy of the template is opened with a new filename so that the template file itself remains unchanged. That way, you can reuse the template whenever [more…]

Working with Excel Sheet Types in Office 2011 for Mac

If you're working in Office 2011 for Mac, you'll find that Excel sheets can be general or dedicated to a specific purpose. You don’t have to be an expert in Excel 2011 for Mac to use the various sheet [more…]

Choosing Excel File Formats in Office 2011 for Mac

You expect Excel for Mac 2011 to open Excel files, of course, but the program can do more than that. You can actually open, work on, and save a file in several formats. Choose File→Save As and then click [more…]

Automating Web Pages with Excel in Office 2011 for Mac

Suppose you post daily updates to Excel for Mac 2011 spreadsheets and charts that you save as Web pages for your intranet. You can set up your Mac so that the Web site is refreshed automatically on any [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Save Excel Workbooks in Old File Formats

Excel for Mac 2011 lets you save a workbook in the following old Excel formats if you’re creating a spreadsheet for or with someone who has a version of Excel prior to Excel 2007: [more…]

Excel for Mac 2011: Set Up and Use AutoRecover

Office 2011 for Mac is full of useful features, including the autorecovery tool in Excel. Although crashes in Excel for Mac 2011 are extremely rare, it doesn't hurt to make sure Excel 2011 is backing up [more…]

Excel for Mac 2011: Add a Picture to a Worksheet Background

Behind the cells on each Excel worksheet in Office 2011 for Mac is a background layer that you can format. Excel for Mac 2011 doesn't offer a lot of customization to this feature, but you can place an [more…]

Make Check Boxes for Excel Forms in Office 2011 for Mac

Knowing how to make checkboxes in Excel 2011 for Mac is a handy bit of know-how. Check boxes appear in all kinds of forms, such as surveys and questionnaires, where you choose from multiple answers. In [more…]

Making Radio Buttons for Excel Forms in Office 2011 for Mac

Knowing how to make radio buttons in Excel 2011 for Mac is just as important as knowing how to make check boxes. Radio buttons (also called option buttons [more…]

How to Share a Workbook in Excel 2011 for Mac

Excel was the first Office application to allow more than one person at a time to make changes in a shared file live, in real time. The Excel Share Workbook feature in Office 2011 for Mac is useful if [more…]

How to Work with Worksheet Comments in Excel 2011 for Mac

Working with comments in Excel 2011 for Mac is a breeze with the Comments group on the Review tab from the Office 2011 for Mac Ribbon. In the following sections, you can find out how to add, edit, and [more…]

Excel 2011 for Mac: Track Changes in a Worksheet

Say that you want multiple people to work on an Excel workbook in Office 2011 for Mac that you plan to distribute via e-mail, SkyDrive, SharePoint, or other means. You distribute a workbook to several [more…]

Protect Excel Worksheets and Lock Cells in Office 2011 for Mac

When you make forms in Excel 2011 for Mac, you’ll be turning worksheet protection on and off frequently. You must turn off worksheet protection when you want to build a form. Turning off sheet protection [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Validate Data on Excel Forms

It’s always a good thing when you can help people fill out a form that you've created in Excel 2011 for Mac. One way is to make it harder for them to make mistakes when filling out the form. For example [more…]

Making List Boxes for Excel Forms in Office 2011 for Mac

Use a list box when you’re making a form in Excel 2011 for Mac and have a long list of items from which a choice is to be made. The list box will report which item was selected with a number that shows [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Making a Scroll Bar for Excel Forms

A scroll bar control in a form made in Excel 2011 for Mac generates a number within a specified range, in set increments. The form user drags the scroll bar control left and right or up and down. As the [more…]

Making Pop-up Menu Buttons for Excel Forms in Office 2011 for Mac

The official name of a pop-up menu in Excel 2011 for Mac is combo box. Don't you just hate it when you have to use a pop-up menu that's so big it doesn't even fit on the screen? Pop-up menus work best [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Making Spin Buttons for Excel Forms

In Excel 2011 for Mac, the spin button control is similar to the scroll bar control, but is always vertical. You can make it tall and skinny if space is tight. Spin button, also known as a spinner control [more…]

Make a Form on a Dialog Sheet in Excel 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac, Excel has a special kind of sheet called a dialog sheet, on which you can make an input form such as the one you see when you’re in an Excel 2011 for Mac table and choose Data→Form [more…]

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