Printing in Excel 2011

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How to Print from Excel in Office 2011 for Mac

Before you can print your Excel 2011 for Mac spreadsheet, you need to be familiar with Excel's print options. Head to the Print group on the Layout tab of the Office 2011 for Mac Ribbon, and you'll find [more…]

Excel 2011 for Mac: Working with Headers and Footers in Workbooks

Formatting headers and footers in Excel 2011 for Mac adds a distinctive appearance to your printed worksheets. You can also easily include important date and time information. You can work with headers [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Make a Watermark in an Excel Worksheet

You can use the Picture feature of the Header/Footer toolbar in Excel 2011 for Mac to insert a picture as a watermark. In an electronic environment, you create a watermark by formatting text and pictures [more…]

How to Adjust Print Quality in Excel 2011 for Mac

Adjusting the quality of the print jobs you get from Excel in Office 2011 for Mac can be a two-stage (but several-step) process. In the first stage, you adjust the quality level Excel sends to your printer [more…]

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