Using Tables in Excel 2011

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Excel for Mac 2011: Sort and Filter in Tables and Worksheets

When sorting your Excel tables and worksheets in Office 2011 for Mac, you’re likely to use ascending and descending sort orders most often. The quick way to sort a table or data range is to select a cell [more…]

How to Make a PivotTable in Excel for Mac 2011

In Excel 2011 for mac, a PivotTable is a special kind of table that summarizes data from a table, data range, or database external to the workbook. If you’re PivotTable aficionado, you will be in seventh [more…]

Using a Web Query to Load Tables in Excel 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac, Excel can try to load tables from a Web page directly from the Internet via a Web query process. A Web query is simple: It’s just a Web-page address saved as a text file, using [more…]

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