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How to Connect to a Shared Folder on a Remote Mac with Mac OS X Lion

You can access folders remotely from another computer with Mac OS X Lion. (Just make sure first that you have the correct administrative permissions to it.) File sharing must be activated on the Mac where [more…]

Navigating the Finder in Mac OS X Lion

The Finder is the program that creates the Desktop, keeps track of your files and folders, and is always running. Just about everything you do on your Mac in OS X Lion begins and ends with the Finder. [more…]

Navigating Windows in Mac OS X Lion

Windows are a ubiquitous part of using a Mac. When you open a folder in OS X Lion, you see a window. When you write a letter, the document that you’re working on appears in a window. When you browse the [more…]

Using Scroll Bars in Mac OS X Lion

One way to see more of what’s in a window or pane on a Mac is to scroll through it. Scroll bars appear at the bottom and right sides of any window or pane in OS X Lion that contains more stuff — icons, [more…]


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