Virtualizing Mac OS X Lion

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How to Install non-Lion Operating Systems in Desktop Virtualization Software

For operating systems other than Mac OS X Lion, you can use either a bootable OS installer DVD or a disk image. Both Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion launch an installation assistant that guides you [more…]

How Server Virtualization Works on Mac Hardware and OS X

Macs are the only computers that allow you to run Mac OS X Lion Server (or any OS X flavor) along with Windows and Linux. Virtual machines on non-Apple PCs can’t run Mac OS X. Apple doesn’t permit running [more…]

Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux Virtualization Rules

Just as you can’t take your $29 copy of Lion Server and install it on every Mac in your office, you also don’t have the right to install a copy on an unlimited number of virtual machines. When running [more…]

Use Virtualization to Test Lion Server

Using virtual machines is a great way to test new Lion Servers before putting them into production. You don’t have to dedicate a Mac to the task. You can run Lion Server [more…]

Use Virtualization to Consolidate Lion Servers

Putting multiple Lion Servers (or Windows servers or Linux servers) in virtual machines on one computer takes advantage of hardware that may otherwise be wasted. This is known as [more…]

Virtual Appliances Can Save You Time when Virtualizing Lion Server

You can save yourself the time of installing Mac OS X or Lion Server if you are running in a virtualized environment by using virtual appliances.

A virtual appliance [more…]

When to Use Parallels Server Software to Virtualize Lion Server

If you are going to run Lion Server in a virtualized environment, Parallels Server may be the solution for you. But if you are running Lion Server on a relatively small machine, another choice may be more [more…]

Network Settings for Mac OS X Virtualization Software

One of the reasons virtualizing server operating systems like Lion Server is possible is that virtual machines can act like real computers on your network. They can access the Internet through your connection [more…]

Virtualization Software Versions that Support Lion Server

Older versions of virtualization software don’t support OS X Lion. Here are the versions of virtualization software that will run on Lion host OSes and those that will run inside virtual machines as guests [more…]

How to Install Lion or Lion Server in VMware Fusion

Installing Lion or Lion Server is different from installing any other operating system. With any other operating system, the standard procedure for creating virtual machines is to boot a new, empty virtual [more…]

Choose a Virtualization Vendor for Mac OS X Servers

There are three major companies that make virtualization software for Macs: Parallels, VMware, and Oracle. If you plan to run Lion Server in a virtualized environment, you will need to select one of these [more…]

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