Using the Web & Wikis with Mac OS X Lion

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Lion Server Automatically Creates a Collaboration Site for Users

Lion Server can set up a sophisticated wiki-based website containing collaboration tools for your user accounts. Absolutely no HTML coding or design layout is required. [more…]

How to Navigate Lion Server’s Built-in Website

You can access the Lion Server’s built-in wiki-based website from anything that has a browser — Windows PCs, iPads, any version of Mac OS X, Linux and Unix PCs, iPhones, and iPod touches. Clicking one [more…]

How to Create a New Wiki and Set Access in Lion Server

Any server can host a website, but Lion Server creates a complete, dynamic site for you, prebuilt. By merely turning on web and Wiki services, every user gets an automatically updated web portal called [more…]

How to Edit Wikis, Blogs, and Pages in Lion Server’s Built-in Web Site

On Lion Server’s default web site, users can edit wiki pages and blogs for which they have write permissions. This includes the home page, My Page, and other pages. You can edit from a web browser by following [more…]

How to Use Comments, Tags, and Notifications in Lion Server’s Built-in Web Site

Document pages in Lion Server’s built-in web site have a right-side sidebar called Document Info, which contains several collaboration and navigation tools. [more…]

How to Enable Calendars and Blogs in Lion Server’s Built-in Web Site

Users can administer wikis that they create in Lion Server’s built-in web site, as well as group wikis, from a web browser within the wiki. They can turn on a group calendar, edit the wiki’s name, change [more…]

How to Change Settings in Lion Server’s Built-in Web Site

User-created wikis in Lion Server’s built-in web site can be administered by the user that created them, from a web browser. They can turn on calendar service, edit the name of the wiki, change user permissions [more…]

How to Add Websites to Lion Server

With the Server app, you can host websites that you’ve created with web tools outside of Lion Server and copied onto the server Mac. You can replace Lion Server’s built-in site with your own, or you can [more…]

How to Use SSL Security with Your Web Site in Lion Server

You can add Secure Sockets Layer security to a website hosted in Lion Server by assigning a certificate to it. (The Server app doesn’t enable you to use SSL without a certificate.) You can use a self-signed [more…]

Web Settings Removed from Mac OS X with the Lion Server Release

If you’re familiar with previous versions of Mac OS X Server, in Lion Server you’ll notice that configuration of web services is no longer available in Server Admin. Apple removed the graphical interface [more…]

How to Resolve DNS Problems while Configuring a Web Site in Lion Server

If the dot next to the domain name is red while you’re still configuring your web site in Lion Server, the Server app can’t resolve the DNS name to your server’s IP address. [more…]

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