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How to Organize Your Mac’s Windows with Exposé

You can use a handy feature called Exposé to organize your opened windows on your Mac. Exposé gives you a fast, convenient way to organize your windows. You don’t have to move, resize, or minimize each [more…]

How to Work with the Mac Dock

The Mac Dock is a rectangular strip that contains both program icons and file icons. To help keep your icons organized, the Dock places Program icons on the left side of a divider and File icons on the [more…]

How to Find Help on Your Mac

Your Mac includes a built-in help system in case you have questions while working on your Mac. If at any time you’re confused using your Mac, try looking for answers in the Mac help system. If you get [more…]

How to Use the Right Connector to Hook Up Devices to Your Mac

Industry standard jacks, holes, and connectors on the back or side of your Mac (depending on whether you have a desktop or laptop) may look odd, but you can’t live without [more…]

How to Connect Devices to Your Mac Using a USB Port

You can use a Universal Serial Bus (USB) to connect printers, scanners, digital cameras, webcams, iPods, joysticks, speakers, keychain disk drives, piano keyboards, and even your mouse and computer keyboard [more…]

How to Work with Your Mac Folders in List View

If you want to view your Mac folders as a list, look on the View menu and click the As List item, and the check mark moves there. If you were previously looking at icons, they shrink dramatically, and [more…]

How to Use Mac Spaces

You can use Mac Spaces to keep your programs and windows organized in one dedicated location. Then you can use a few key moves to navigate your Mac Spaces: [more…]

How to Use Quick Look to View File Contents on Your Mac

You can use Quick Look to peek at the contents of files on your Mac — without having to launch the applications that created those files. Quick Look lets you look at a file as a pretty decent-sized thumbnail [more…]

How to Use the Mac’s Dock

The colorful reflective three-dimensional bar at the bottom of your Mac’s screen is your dock. (If you’re a PC user, think of the dock as a rough cross between the Windows taskbar and the Start menu. You [more…]

How to Use Stacks on Your Mac

A new Leopard feature called Stacks is similar to placing papers related to each other in the same pile on your desk. Stacks are a collection of files organized by theme, and you can create your own stacks [more…]

How to Add a Person to the Mac Address Book

You can add addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses to the Mac Address Book. You can also add a picture and note about the person (“awfully cute; owns a Mac”). You can access the Mac Address Book [more…]

How to Use Virtual Stickies on Your Mac

If you’re a fan of yellow sticky notes, then you’ll want to use the Mac’s electronic version called Stickies. Just like the gluey paper kind, electronic notes let you jot down quick shopping lists, phone [more…]

How to Decide between a Mac Laptop or Desktop

Mac desktop? Mac laptop? Making the choice comes down to lifestyle, economics, and what you do for a living. If you travel a lot, chances are you’ll want a Mac laptop. If you tend to be home- or office-bound [more…]

How to Customize a Mac Laptop’s Trackpad

The Mac trackpad is the smooth rectangular surface below the keyboard; it’s your laptop’s answer to using a mouse. A trackpad has its own annoying idiosyncrasies. Fortunately, you can customize the trackpad [more…]

How to Keep Your Mac Laptop’s Battery Charged

You Mac laptop’s actual battery life will vary, depending on how you use your computer. Expect the time your laptop's battery works between charges to be less than the manufacturer’s claim. You can, however [more…]

How to Create Mac User Accounts

The Mac helps keep the peace by giving everyone that uses it their own user accounts. These user accounts are separate areas and are password protected to prevent intrusions. To create a new account for [more…]

How to Apply Special Effects to a Mac Photo Booth Picture

You can apply funky special effects to your Mac Photo Booth Picture either just before or after snapping the picture. You can make it look as though the picture was taken with a thermal camera or an X-ray [more…]

How to Share Mac Photo Booth Pictures

The pictures and movies you make in Photo Booth turn up at the bottom of the Photo Booth program in an on-screen photo strip. To look at the image, just click the corresponding thumbnail. You have several [more…]

How to Use Mac Parental Controls

As a responsible parent, you want to set limits to keep your children safe. When you use your Mac parental controls, you get to say what your child can and cannot do. [more…]

How to Log On to Your Mac

You can control how people who will be using a particular Mac log in. To log in, go to System Preferences, choose Accounts Preferences, and then click Login Options at the bottom of the left pane, under [more…]

How to Log Off of or Use Fast User Switching on Your Mac

If you’re ready to call it quits for the day but don’t want to shut down your Mac, but you don’t want to leave your account open for anyone with prying eyes, you’re in luck. The way to shut down without [more…]

How to Choose a Screen Saver for Your Mac

Screen savers are so-named because they were created to save your Mac’s screen from a ghostly phenomenon known as burn-in. Today, choosing your screen saver is strictly about cosmetics and personalization [more…]

How to Clean Up Your Mac Desktop with Exposé

Your Mac desktop can get cluttered, especially as you juggle several projects at once. Fortunately, Apple lets you clean up your Mac desktop with Exposé. [more…]

How to Create Mac Spaces

The Leopard feature known as Spaces lets you display only those programs and windows required to tackle the projects at hand. If you’re working on multiple projects at once — say, a family scrapbook or [more…]

How to Create a Smart Group in the Mac Address Book

A Smart Group is a terrific way to manage information in your Mac Address Book. The key to using a Smart Group is to add a descriptive word that groups your desired addresses or information all together [more…]

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