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Getting to Know the New Finder in Mac OS X Panther

Like icons, windows are a ubiquitous part of using a Mac. The Finder appears in a window. When you open a folder, it's a window that you see. When you write a letter, the document that you're working on [more…]

Word Processing on Your Mac

Some of us are old enough to recall life before word processors. (It wasn't that long ago.) Consider this sentence:

How did we survive in the days before every last one of us had access to word processors [more…]

Setting Up User Accounts on Your Mac

As much as the computer staring you in the face is your very own Mac, you'll probably be sharing it with someone else: your spouse and kids, perhaps, if not your students and coworkers. [more…]

Using Safari's Tabbed Browsing in Mac OS X

Safari offers tabbed browsing, which many folks use to display (and organize) multiple Web pages at one time. For example, if you're doing a bit of comparison shopping for a new piece of hardware between [more…]

Taking Advantage of Mac Freebie Tools

A lot of what people do on a computer is look things up, mainly through Internet search engines and other online tools. You have help closer at hand — in the Applications folder. Some of the tools in the [more…]

Figuring Out What iDVD Is All About

DVD is the medium of choice for movies, having replaced videotape in the last few years. DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc (not digital video disc, which is an older medium that has since bought the [more…]

Displaying the Facts on Files and Folders in Mac OS X

The Finder's Info dialog is the place to view the specifics on any highlighted item (including drives and aliases). Select an item and press Command+I, click the Action toolbar button, and select Get Info [more…]

Manipulating Text on Your Mac

Working with text on your Mac is really easy. Double-click a word. See what happens. It's as if you ran a light-blue marker across the word. You've highlighted, [more…]

Setting User Limitations in Mac OS X Panther

Administrators are special people. Just ask one; you'll see. Anyway, when an administrator creates or edits the account for a Standard-level user, Mac OS X offers two other levels of specific rights — [more…]

Sending E-Mail in Mac OS X

The heart and soul of Mail — well, at least the heart, anyway — is receiving and reading stuff from your friends and family. Of course, once you read all the good stuff, you have to respond! [more…]

Copying an iDVD Project

You can arrange and rearrange your menus to your heart's content, but don't forget to save the project before quitting iDVD. Choose File --> Save Project to save a project. You can also make another version [more…]

Cropping Pictures in iPhoto

In traditional commercial printing and photography, a light table — a translucent piece of plastic or glass fitted on top of a box with internal light — is used for trimming photographic film negatives [more…]

Finding and Organizing Images in iPhoto

Right from the outset, iPhoto helps you organize pics so that you can more easily find the ones you want to view later. All the imported pictures are stuffed in the iPhoto library, which you can easily [more…]

Talking Up Apple's iChat AV

In truth, calling iChat AV an instant messaging program is selling it way short, kind of like telling somebody that Michael Jordan knows how to make free throws. The [more…]

Touring the Finder in Mac OS X

Just about everything you do on your Mac begins and ends with the Desktop. The Desktop is where you manage files, store documents, launch programs, adjust the way your Mac works, and much more. If you [more…]

Composing Communications with E-Mail and Your Mac

Keep a few things in mind before pounding out a message. Although optional, it's good email etiquette to type a title, or Subject, for your email. In fact, some people get right to the point and blurt [more…]

Using a Desktop Printer in Mac OS 9

A desktop printer is an icon on your desktop that represents a printer connected to your computer. It's created automatically when you select a printer in the Chooser. To print a document, drag its icon [more…]

Communicating via iChat in Mac OS X (Jaguar)

Instant messaging and chat rooms provide for interactive communication between users all over the world. If you're into instant messaging, iChat gives you immediate access to all the other users of AOL [more…]

Saving and Revising Your Mac Document

After you've penned a chapter in The Great American Novel, you need to save it. Unfortunately, after your editor has read the chapter, you'll probably have to revise it. The following sections describe [more…]

Sharing Files and Programs in Mac OS 9

File and program sharing enables other users on your network to access the files and link to programs on your computer. Before you can share files and programs, you need to play a quick game of Name That [more…]

Introducing Sherlock in Mac OS X

Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes is a favorite fictional figure in literature, but even the Bloodhound of Baker Street would be hard pressed to keep up with the great flood of information available [more…]

Customizing Spotlight in Mac OS X

You may wonder whether such a revolutionary new Mac OS X feature as Spotlight has its own pane within System Preferences — and you'd be right. Figure 1 shows off the brand-new Spotlight pane within System [more…]

Setting Classic Preferences in Mac OS X

When you install Mac OS X 10.1 on your Mac, you actually get two operating systems. Mac OS X, of course, runs your machine, but Mac OS 9.2.1 — the Mac OS version just before Mac OS X — is available, too [more…]

Customizing the Apple Menu in Mac OS 9

The Apple menu — see that multi-colored apple in the upper-left corner of your menu bar? — is fully configurable. Whatever is in the Apple Menu Items folder appears in the Apple menu. It's that simple. [more…]

Mousing Around the Mac Interface

The computing business requires a lot more clicking than Dorothy had to do to get back to Kansas. She used ruby slippers. You get to use a mouse.

A computer mouse is generally less frightening than that [more…]


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