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Tackling Error Messages in Java Programming

Sometimes, error messages can strike fear into the heart of even the bravest programmer. Fortunately some helpful, calming advice is here — advice to help you solve the problem when you see one of these [more…]

Using the vi Text Editor in Solaris 9

In the world of Solaris, most files are plain text without fancy typographic material, whether text, shell scripts, Web pages, or even C programs. No bold, no multiple font colors, no included graphics [more…]

Keeping Records with the Outlook 2007 Journal

The Journal in Outlook 2007 can be enormously helpful, whether you choose to use it regularly or rarely. You don't have to limit yourself to recording documents or Outlook items. You can keep track of [more…]

Exploring TCP/IP Routers

Routers connect networks. Routers range from someone's desktop PC running Internet sharing software to multimillion-dollar systems of specialized hardware and software. In the original work on TCP/TP, [more…]

Changing the Desktop Background in Mac OS X

Power users like to tweak their Mac OS X Desktops just so, with that menu color, this background, and those applications in the Dock. Non-computer types just can't understand the importance of the proper [more…]

Setting Up Your Internet Connection in Mac OS X

Okay, so you sign up for Internet access, and your ISP sends you a sheet of paper covered with indecipherable stuff that looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics. Don't worry; those are the settings that you [more…]

How to Delete a Section Break in Word 2007

In Word 2007, you can use the Delete key to delete a section break. The following steps show how to delete a section break with the Delete key. [more…]

How to Create a Table in Excel 2007

You can create a table in Excel 2007 (a list or database in previous Excel versions) to help you manage and analyze related data. The purpose of an Excel table is not so much to calculate new values but [more…]

Adding Up with Excel 2007's SUM and SUMIF Functions

In Excel 2007, you use the very familiar SUM function to total values in your worksheets. Use the SUMIF function when you want to total only the numbers in a range that meet a criteria you specify. These [more…]

How to Add Data Labels to a Chart in Excel 2007

You can add data labels to an Excel 2007 chart to help identify the values shown in each data point of the data series. Excel provides several options for the placement and formatting of data labels. [more…]

How to Set up a WiFi Router to Use with Your Laptop

In general, the process of installing a WiFi device to use with your laptop begins by connecting the router to the same computer that is attached to your broadband modem [more…]

Mastering DOS Basics

You get work done on a computer by running a program. If you're lucky, somebody has set up your computer so that it automatically runs the program you need. Turn on the PC, and — zap! — there's your program [more…]

Looking into Routed versus Routing Protocols for the CCNA Exam

When preparing for the CCNA exam, review routers and their protocols by starting with the difference between a routed protocol and a routing protocol. Knowing the difference between these two protocols [more…]

Counting Cells with Excel 2007's COUNT Functions

Excel 2007 offers an assortment of counting functions — including COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, and COUNTIF — in the Statistical category that enable you to count the number of cells that contain numeric [more…]

Turning the Mac into a Fax Machine

If you bought a Mac with a built-in, dialup fax modem, you don't need a dedicated fax machine. Just connect a telephone cord to the Mac's modem jack and you're all set. Unfortunately, the dialup modem [more…]

Editing a Chart’s Data Source in Excel 2007

After you create a chart in Excel 2007, you may need to change the range of the source data that is the basis for the chart. The Select Data Source dialog box lets you choose a different source range for [more…]

Creating Web Services in WebLogic

A web service is a remote procedure available to clients through TCP/IP, typically using HTTP or SMTP as the transport and XML for encoding. The web service is described using standard XML notation called [more…]

Taking Shortcuts with Macros in Office 2003

Many people dream of the day they can give orders to a computer by talking to it; the current reality is that you still have to type on a keyboard if you hope to use your computer at all. Because most [more…]

Crystal Reports 10: Understanding Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

The primary purpose for a report is to present database data to users in a form that's easy to understand. Crystal Reports gives you all the tools you need to do that. Sometimes, however, you want a report [more…]

Four Steps to Take before Writing a Computer Program

Before you start writing a computer program, first take four critical steps to design it. By doing so, you don't waste time writing a computer program that doesn't work or that solves the wrong problem [more…]

Configuring Your Login Screen in Mac OS X

Take a look at the changes that you can make to the login process. First, Mac OS X provides three methods of displaying the login screen: [more…]

Understanding PHP Data Types

Variables can store data of different types, and different types of data can do different things. For example, you can add variables whose values are numbers [more…]

Archiving Outlook Folders

In some cases, Outlook puts email messages, tasks, and appointments older than six months into the Archive folder — a special folder for items that Outlook thinks are stale or not worth keeping. Outlook [more…]

Making Your First Movie with Adobe Premiere Elements

Sometimes the best way to get to know a program is to just dig in and get your hands dirty with it, actually putting its features to use as the designers intended. If you have a digital camcorder handy [more…]

How to Configure Your Laptop for a Remote Desktop Connection

With Windows Vista, it’s amazingly easy to set up the Remote Desktop feature so that you can work between your laptop and desktop computers. Keep in mind that you should use Remote Desktop only in a secure [more…]


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