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How to Avoid Common Pop Up Mistakes

Time spent on researching your future pop up shop isn’t wasted; it means less time correcting mistakes in your plan further down the line. When a big company does something wrong, it has time, resources [more…]

Where to Find Pop Up Shop Information and Support

Most people who’ve run pop ups are more than willing to talk and share their experiences. If you find a pop up shop that’s similar to your idea, get in touch and ask for advice. [more…]

Define Your Pop Up’s Purpose

Your pop-up project needs a clear, defined purpose – an aim. Your aim must be clear enough to focus your activity and easy to explain to other people. In addition, you need to make sure that you either [more…]

Measure the Success of Your Pop Up in Six Areas

What does a successful pop up business look like? It may be achieving a high volume of sales or just one or two really important ones. It may be attracting thousands of visitors or just ten. It may have [more…]

Let People Know Your Pop Up Is Open

The ‘Open’ sign that hangs in your pop up shop’s doorway is one of your most important bits of kit! Make sure that you buy one or, better yet, custom make one that reflects your pop up’s branding. [more…]

How to Engage Customers at Your Pop Up

You must engage with your customers. Assume your pop up has all gone according to plan. You’re open, the shop looks fabulous and, even better, you have customers coming in through the door. What can go [more…]

Count Visitors to Your Pop Up Business

One of the key indicators of the success of your pop up is the number of customers. This number may not necessarily be a high target; for some high-end products, you may only want to invite a few carefully [more…]

Capture Your Pop Up Customers' Information

Your pop up may be a chance to catch up with valued and trusted customers, or it may be about building a longer, deeper and more meaningful relationship between them and your brand. Find as many ways as [more…]

Keep in Touch with Your Pop Up Customers

After you attract customers to your pop up businesss, you need to keep in touch with them. You can use social media to keep up the engagement with your customers. [more…]

How to Decide on Your Pop Up's Opening Times

Making sure that your pop up is open at the right time is for fairly obvious reasons very important, but this detail is often overlooked. If your opening times are right, you’ll be able to attract the [more…]

Monitor Sales for Your Pop Up Business

You must carefully monitor sales for your pop up business, particularly where multiple partners are involved in the pop up, such as a shop shared by artists and makers. [more…]

How to Manage Your Pop Up's Staff

Managing your pop up's staff can seem intimidating. Whether they’re friends you’re sharing the space with, a team pulled together from partner organisations, volunteers keen to support your cause or people [more…]

Manage Risks and Health and Safety Requirements of a Pop Up

Managing the risks and the health and safety requirements of a pop up largely comes down to common sense and being careful without being overly cautious. [more…]

Why the Agile Philosophy Is Perfect for Pop Ups

The agile philosophy is perfect for pop ups because the simple idea behind the agile philosophy is that it’s more important to get something up and running so that you can test and refine it with real [more…]

Ten Reasons Why Your Pop Up Is Good for Business

Pop ups are an incredibly useful tool for doing business; they’re like a Swiss army penknife, which pops out in all sorts of useful ways. So what you do with your pop up is entirely up to you. The only [more…]

Your Pop Up's Staffing Needs

Before working out exactly what staff you need for your pop up business, you have to figure out when you need them and what they do. People can agree to work with you more easily if their roles are clearly [more…]

Recruit Volunteers for Your Pop Up Business

If you’re doing something interesting with your pop up business and it has some social, community or ethical benefits, you may be able to harness the power of volunteers. Volunteers provide an obvious [more…]

How to Deal with an Emergency Stop for Your Pop Up

Sometimes your pop up business comes to an emergency stop, usually because of a change of circumstance that’s outside your control. Don’t panic; closing early is quite common. An early closing may occur [more…]

How to Clean Your Pop Up Venue after Closing

After your pop up business closes, remember that you need to get the space you used ready to hand back to its owner. The space you used was absolutely essential to the success of your pop up business. [more…]

How to Deal with Your Assets after Your Pop Up Closes

When you close your pop up project, you need to store everything you’ve made or used for future use or find it a new home, and return anything borrowed to its owner. Throughout your pop up, you’ll have [more…]

Conduct a Risk Assessment for Your Pop Up Business

Besides basic financial issues, like budgeting and funding, you need to consider other risks inherent in running a pop up venture. Carrying out a risk assessment will help you do so. [more…]

Ten Social Media Strategies to Use for Your Pop Up

If you’re a pop up, you need to mobilise supporters and customers quickly, keep them talking and grow your reputation quickly while you’re open. Social media channels are perfect for that, and it’s no [more…]

Get the Design You Want for Your Pop Up's Printed Materials

Printed materials reach a different audience for your pop ups than social media campaigns. They’re also a good way to start conversations with staff in businesses that might become keen supporters or even [more…]

Print Your Materials for Your Pop Up

After your pop up's brand is ready and your designs are created, you can move on to printing. The type of print you use depends on the print run – that is, the number of items you need to have printed. [more…]

Ten Ways to Design and Kit Out Your Pop Up Space

When designing and kitting out your pop up shop, you need to create an interior that looks smart and professional, but is functional and helps you achieve the aims of your pop up. Don’t forget that whatever [more…]


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